Small works for sale

My house and studio are fit to burst - there's so much stuff stashed away in there. Some things have to go! If you'd like more information or would like to reserve one of my pieces please email me. I'll be adding more work here as I work my way through the heaps.

Beaded poppies

This quilted panel features a pieced landscape with digitally embroidered poppy seed heads and beaded embellishment. It is mounted onto a gessoed canvas panel and measures 7.75" wide x 19.5" high x 1.5" deep.
£100 plus postage at cost.

Here's a detail of the embroidery with beading.

And a view to show some of the hand embroidery and the depth of the gessoed panel.


This quilted panel features an appliqu├ęd jackdaw on hand dyed fabrics with hand embroidery and metallic painted details.
£150 plus postage at cost.

As you can see in the image above, the quilt is mounted onto a painted canvas panel and the whole thing measures 18" wide x 22" high x 1.5" deep.

Here's a detail of his amiable expression, net overlay and beaded detail

I also have some of my original painted wooden bird panels still available - here's the info;

Green Woodpecker is for sale at £95 plus postage and packing at cost. The panel measures 10ins square by .75 of an inch deep. Please email me if you're interested in giving him a home.

Here's a detail

And a view to show the depth of the panel

Bluetit is 10 inches square and 1.5 inches deep. He's available for £85 plus postage and packing at cost.

Barn Owl is 12 inches square by 1.5 inches deep. He costs £100 plus postage and packing at cost.

Starling measures 10 inches square by 1.5 inches deep and costs £75 plus postage and packing at cost.

So, I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of my small pieces and will email me if you're interested to own one. I hope to hear from you soon - bye for now, Linda