Thursday, 7 March 2019

Such a lot to look forward to!

I don't want to dwell on 2018, or even the start of 2019 - we're just happy that time is over! Now it's time for Laura and I to look forward to new challenges. We've decided not to take part in a major exhibition until 2020. We may do one or two smaller events but we want to focus all our energies on new work so we can be sure when we are ready to exhibit it will be the best we can offer! 

With that in mind I’m still making quilts! This one I’m calling ‘Twilight’. It’s about that time of day when the light fails and the creatures of the night come out to play. We often see a barn owl cruising along the field margins and sometimes swooping over the hedge almost touching our heads. But completely silent! I’ve only made a brief start to the quilting - just yesterday in fact. As ever it will be a crucial part of the piece and will provide the ‘bones’ I need for the painting that will follow. I'm intending that the quilting and painting will break through those rigid lines of the sashing and the border. I'll update you with my progress when I make some!

In between quiltmaking I’ve been working in my sketchbooks as usual - here’s a recent pen and coloured pencil drawing of a woodpecker. I've used a Pitt Artist pen with a very fine nib. Now I need to draw the tree he’s clinging to and I may add a wash of watercolour to give it a bit of substance. I'm keeping a log of the different birds (and moths) we see in our garden - woodpeckers are one of my favourites although I have to say this fellow is lovely but the green variety are the best!

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I’ve just finished a portrait of a Standard Poodle. My client saw it only this morning and loves it so that’s a big relief - I was quite nervous to show him what I’d done! I've not painted a dog for years but I really enjoyed doing this one. It's worked on a lovely wooden box panel which I primed with white gesso and then used Golden Open Acrylics and their glazing medium.

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Bye for now - Linda x