A random selection of pages from some of my sketchbooks.

I'm having a bit of a floral moment right now.
Often my sketchbooks are a hotch potch of subjects but I've decided this one will be filled just with flowers and foliage.

Printing with real leaves is a quick way to create images and it's fun to work back into the voided shapes with pencil.

A foam roller leaves lovely texture in the background paint.

When the leaves take on colour they can be flipped for a second print.

Print has a quality all of its own.

And lovely colour effects happen as the paint mixes on the roller and then on the page.

A leaf from a brassica is just as lovely as a flower!

Here's a portrait I've used for another of my moth quilts.

This is a preparatory drawing for a quilt called 'Temptation'. The interesting colours are quite unplanned having seeped through from something colourful on the previous page!

I looked at the shapes of African shields when I was researching my 'Talisman' series of quilts. This page shows a monoprint in combination with collage.

Some of the shields I saw in the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford had columns of simple bars as decoration.

A trip to Barcelona provided lots of inspiration from Gaudi architecture and mosaics.

I drew this Kingfisher in 1970 when I was 17. He finally made it into the Sketchbook Project in 2011 - how's that for recycling?

The beak on this Raven proved to be too big for my book!

Here I recycled another old drawing from my college days. This time I added a black wing.

When I take a sketchbook on holiday I often like to include found objects. This shell is nestling in its own little niche.                                             

Watercolour sketchbook studies of my favourite Iris.

The starlike patterns in the background are created by sprinkling coarse salt onto moist watercolour paint.

Magpie and Jackdaw pages from my submission to the Art House Sketchbook Project 2011

 Both of these pages use watercolour paints with accents of gold leaf.

I love to alter books. This example is about British Moths and Butterflies. I've left some of the original illustrations visible and added a new moth of my own with oil pastel and ink.

This page has been stencilled with artists' soft pastels and the area around the moths painted with black fountain pen ink.

On of my favourite effects is achieved by combining oil pastel with watercolour.

As an inveterate stitcher I can't resist sewing my pages to add a bit of texture and drama!

Pencil drawings in preparation for a new quilt.

Monoprint with coloured pencil drawing.

Block printed page with aperture revealing pencil drawing of paper tulips.