Thursday, 22 January 2015

Some Day I'll Fly Away

Don't think I've mentioned it before but this piece has a name. I find it difficult to make a quilt unless I've already come up with a title. Not sure why that should be but I'm never happy with an anonymous piece. I've printed the name around the bottom of the quilt using Liquitex acrylic paints in just two colours - crimson and blue, applied with my favourite foam alphabet stamps.

Forgive the wobbly bottom - it's just the way it's pinned on the wall. As usual, there are loads of other quilt tops in archaeological layers underneath!

The words give some visual weight to frame the crow and they also interrupt the angular quilting which to be honest is getting quite monotonous now - I'm going to break it up with some seed stitch, worked by hand with Madeira Lana I think. It'll be a change of activity anyway and I like a bit of hand stitch for evenings in front of the fire.

I shouldn't complain about the time the quilting is taking - I could have a proper job couldn't I?

Back soon - Love Linda x

Monday, 19 January 2015

Quilt progress

The last couple of posts have been all about sketchbooks and painting so I thought I'd let you see there is quilting going on as well!

I've finished the small version of 'To The Brim'. I free motion quilted this on my Husqvarna quilting machine and embellished it with a few hand stitches using Madeira Lana thread.

Most of the patterns are inspired by the work of Paul Klee.

His painting 'Ad Marginem' includes stylised bird images and I've put a couple in too but it wouldn't be my work without a crow would it? I've just outline stitched this one so he's hard to spot unless you look really closely. Now I've got to tackle version 2 which is a much larger piece.

Before I do that though I thought I'd better finish this quilt first. It somehow got buried under piles of other stuff and was almost forgotten. Sorry about the photo - as you can tell it is extremely sunny in my workroom today. You can see how fantastic the Pfaff PowerQuilter is though can't you? Well maybe you can't since the quilt covers all that enormous table surface which supports the work as you quilt. This is the biggest piece I've done on it until now and I have to say it's a treat to stitch!

Yesterday I quilted the crow's head - it was important to get that right if I was going to be happy with the finished quilt. He looks quite benign I think. I love being in my workroom with the iPod on shuffle and the sewing machine whirring away - a few more enjoyable hours and this will be done!

Thanks for dropping by - talk soon, Linda x

Friday, 16 January 2015

Liquitex acrylic inks and a book challenge

I was lucky to receive two sets of Liquitex inks for Christmas - a set of basic colours, red, yellow, blue, raw umber, black and white and a set of gorgeous iridescents.

I've been using them on paper and fabric and love the results.

Viewers of DMTV will be able to see how I've created the papers and how I've translated the effects to fabric. This should come with a health warning though! It's another of those completely obsessive techniques - once you start it's impossible to stop and before you know it every surface is covered and you are drowning in glorious colour. I don't know - maybe that's just how it grabs me, most people probably have more restraint!

I also have a new challenge in my life! Laura has presented me with one of her, 'Finish Me' art journals.

Nothing exceptional about a journal you might say but this one is very unusual. In the handmade book, the blank, white papers are interspersed with all kinds of different pages - antique newsprint, vintage text, old maps, original artwork, prints etc......  Every journal Laura makes is individual and unique and the challenge is to work with the existing imagery, fill in the gaps and  'finish' the book. It's certainly thought provoking and I've have spent quite some time this evening looking through my journal wondering where and how I might start. My plan is to be inspired by something already existing on the page and to integrate often diverse words and images that have been bound together in a totally random fashion. I'll let you see how this works out.

Here's a 'before' picture to show you an  example of what I'm facing.

The small scale text might look like a low key pattern which would provide an interesting background to drawing or printing.

On closer inspection your eye is caught by some little gems in this newspaper from 1898. I'm certain I'll be doing something about 'Tea Table Dainties'! Not so sure if 'How to be Happy Though Married' is such a safe bet - he who gardens might have something to say about that!

I've always been fascinated by maps so this page shouldn't present too much of a problem.

And this page features a lovely monoprint which won't cause me to scratch my head too much.

But this page is more of a puzzler - Laura tells me it wouldn't be half as interesting without such challenging images!

I'll keep showing my progress and any bright ideas you might have to contribute would be welcome although you might like the idea of finishing your own book - they are now for sale on her blog and don't forget, no two books are alike!

Must be off - I've got a book to finish!  Linda x

Monday, 5 January 2015

New Year - bring it on

December was a bad month for me. I succumbed to a horrible virus and, four weeks later, am only just recovering. Of course we blame Amelie - she gets blamed for most things these days. Playschool and nursery seem to be perfect places for picking up any unpleasant illness that's doing the rounds and being the affectionate soul that she is, with her hugs and kisses, she shares all her germs with everyone else. Laura was really poorly too so Christmas was necessarily quiet - we didn't want to subject family and friends to the bugs! BUT it's a new year now and it's time to put on a more positive face.

Even when you don't have much energy, as you begin to feel better, the need to do something creative resurfaces. I've spent far too many hours lying on the sofa watching old films lately. He who gardens had cut lots of beautiful eucalyptus to decorate the house for the holiday and the blue green elliptical leaves were just begging to be part of my altered plant book. Laura gave me acrylic inks for Christmas and I tried them out here to establish the base colours.

When the ink was dry I deepened the shadows with Inktense pencils. It's the deep shadows that convince the eye that some leaves are partially hidden behind others. A final lick with a damp brush over some of the pencilled areas heightened the effect.

This morning I added a wash of clear water over a quick pencil sketch of two poppy seedheads. I'd made this quick drawing one evening in front of the TV. I'm obviously very out of practice and must try harder!

Hope your new year has started well - mine can only get better.

Talk to you soon,

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Crows and feathers (for a change)

Today was the first day I've had in a couple of weeks to see the inside of my workroom for more than a few minutes. We've all been laid low with a nasty virus and have had to take turns to see who would keep the ship afloat. Whoever was less ill was it! We're all still coughing and sneezing but over the worst we hope. Why do these things have to happen at one of the busiest times of the year?

Feeling almost human this morning, it was very satisfying to make some progress with my quilt. I'm at the stage where I'm adding the motifs above and between the printed gold text. It will come as no surprise to anyone who's familiar with my work that there are crows involved. To me they are symbols of freedom, escape, aspiration and rising above difficult situations.

And for much the same reason there are feathers.

Some of the shapes are bonded and some stencilled using Markal Paintstiks. These motifs will all provide lovely shapes for the quilting which will completely ignore the grid based piecing. I want the stitch to define the appliqué and print rather than draw attention to the patchwork which, in this quilt, is simply a background. I'm concentrating all the interest at the edge of the quilt as the title "To the Brim" suggests.

I collect feathers whenever I see them so I have plenty of suspects to work from. There are probably rules about carrying such things through customs so I won't mention that the biggest ones were picked up on a beach in California! 

I'm only showing you a small area of the quilt today, not because I'm being secretive about it, the truth is I don't have a wall big enough to display it in full. It's making it difficult for me to get a true impression of how it's coming along so I think I shall have to resort to the floor as soon as I have the energy to clean it first.

Thanks for dropping by today. Talk to you again soon -  Linda x 

Monday, 1 December 2014

Well done all round

I am being creative I promise you but I'm working on stuff I have to keep to myself for the time being. Although I can't share what I'm doing, I'm really happy to show a few images kindly sent in by three of our DMTV subscribers.

Joanne's lovely panel features printed fabric sent to her by Karen Ruane as well as some vintage Japanese fabrics and is inspired by the painting of artist Kevin Appel. She made this following the 'Art as Inspiration' mini series.

Mary's panel was also inspired by 'Art as Inspiration'. She looked to the art of Ivon Hitchens who apparently always painted whilst listening to music (doesn't everybody?). I am not familiar with this artist's work so I shall have to look him up. That's one of the things I love about our subscribers - they keep us on our toes! The music influence shows though doesn't it? I think Mary's piece has a great harmony and rhythm!

Linda's sampler has turned out beautifully - no wonder she's happy to let us enjoy it too! She made this following the stencilling workshops on DMTV.

While I'm congratulating our subscribers on their creativity, I also want to say good luck and well done to our friend Stuart who has recently launched a new online perfume business. I've been buying from Stuart for years but now I don't even have to go to town - I can just relax in my cosy armchair and choose gorgeous treats to arrive by post. Sounds like a great way to handle the Christmas shopping without the hassle of crowded streets! Good on yer Stuart!

A brief post today but I'll talk again soon - bye for now, Linda

Friday, 21 November 2014

One thing leads to the next

When I'm asked where my ideas come from I always say from working. Whenever I am involved in one piece of work ideas for the next thing present themselves unbidden. DMTV members will have seen the small art quilt I made recently when I was inspired by the paintings of Paul Klee. It was such  a rich source of inspiration I couldn't help but have thoughts of the next quilt I would make!

I can show you one edge of 'To the Brim' but I'm keeping the rest of the quilt under wraps because it will be exhibited next year with Through Our Hands. I must keep some things secret for the big reveal!.

I'm combining hand dyes, block prints and digital prints. They all look rather confused at the moment, especially with the gold text I've block printed around the brim of the quilt. I'm confident after making my small quilt that the appliqué, hand painting and of course, the quilting which has yet to happen will bring it all together!

The big excitement today was seeing one of my watercolour still life paintings being digitally printed on Fingerprint's wide format printer.

Here's a single print on cotton poplin fabric. The fabric has to be steamed, washed, dried and then pressed before I can get my hands on it. I can't wait to begin the stitching! Laura will be putting two sizes of the panels in the fingerprint store next week so if you like the look of them you'll be able to buy one of your own. Of course you might be tempted to have your own art work printed instead!

As you probably know if you're a regular reader, I had a purge of my studio recently. One of the benefits of a good clear out is all the stuff you find that you'd forgotten you had. The watercolour painting of the rather oddly shaped apple will now be incorporated into a book I'm altering.

And the tulips drawn with oil pastel with an added wash of intense watercolour will fit right in too! It feels wonderful to find a permanent place for them after they've been lost for so long!

Thanks for reading - I'll be back again soon. Love Linda