Friday, 12 January 2018

Mixed Media Moths

I hadn't planned to start a new mixed media panel this week but while I was tidying stuff away in my studio I unearthed some lovely paper bits and pieces.

These two sheets of handmade paper were some we had dunked in an indigo vat years ago and promptly forgotten about!

They'd been stashed away in a crate with some of my painted papers and some coloured photocopies of symbols that I had waxed for a project inspired by all things oriental.

My old favourites, the hole punches made short work of cutting a few squares in two sizes.

Then it was time to audition a few waxed paper moths that were also lurking in the bottom of the crate. Should the squares with their button details go in a column on the right or on top of the large waxed rectangle of text on the left??

On reflection I like them better arranged on the left and a layer of orange fabric brings a flash of colour that helps balance the composition. Just need to attach the moths now and it will be done. Amazing what you can concoct when you only intended to tackle some of the heaps in the studio but I have to confess - I never did manage to make the room tidy!

Bye for now - Linda x


  1. You have just described my dilemma while "tidying up". It is known as the squirrel effect. Imagine a well behaved dog on a walk who suddenly spots a squirrel and nothing can get his attention back. Not to be confused with the hummingbird effect where I flit from one project to the next. I loved the waxed paper episode and now I'm inspired to dig out mine and do something. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. You and Laura area always such an inspiration!!!!

  3. Thanks Robbie - w appreciate your generous words!

  4. Oh just love this. And want that hole punch! Punch envy - it's a thing!

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