Friday, 2 May 2014

The purge begins

It's a bit late for a spring clean but that's what I'm about at present. I've accumulated so much work over the last couple of years that something has got to give. When Laura acquired her new studio last autumn I started sneaking things over there hoping she wouldn't notice. So far it's only made a small dent in the mountain. What's called for is a studio sale. If you take a look at the small works for sale page on this blog you'll see that I've added a few stitched panels to what's left of the bird paintings I listed recently. I'm only part way through the purge so more pieces will appear over the coming weeks.

One of the great things about having a sort out is the stuff you find that you'd completely forgotten about! This applied, painted and printed tulip piece was lurking under a heap of unfinished tops. I rather like it! so today I made a start on the quilting.

I have a reputation for always finishing whatever I start so perhaps I shouldn't confess how many UFOs I discovered. I shall try to tackle as many as I can over the summer - it's surprising how quickly they can be finished once you stop faffing about and just get on with it! We've booked our stand at Festival of Quilts so it will be nice to have some brand new work to display. Well brand new in the sense it's just been finished rather than any mention of how long ago it was started!

You wouldn't think I could 'lose' a painted panel would you but in fact I found two of them on my design wall under the layers of hand dyed and printed fabrics waiting for their moments of glory.  This one has only had its first wash of colour but I will be getting back to it soon!

I'll put this sudden rush of energy and good intention down to the longer daylight hours and the promise of summer just around the corner - hope you are all feeling the same!

Thanks for dropping by - Linda x


  1. Purge sounds all a bit too medical. Rationalisation of studio perhaps?

  2. Rationalisation sounds all too organised for what I'm doing. Moving stuff from one pile to put it on another is nearer the mark!