Friday, 18 March 2016

Drawing portraits this week

With portraiture the theme for our next exhibition with Through Our Hands, I've been experimenting with oil pastel and solvent.

It's surprising how much detail you can achieve considering how chunky the pastel sticks are.

Knowing I'd been working with faces I think Laura was having a laugh when she found this book for me. Luckily it was in the charity corner of her local village stores and only cost 50p instead of the original price of nearly £10.

It may have been intended as a joke but it is strangely compelling even if I have to resort to a magnifying lens to see the numbers. I thought I'd start with Botticelli's Venus as he's in the news so much at the moment. I've made a good start but there's a long way to go before you'd know who it's supposed to be.

Turns out that drawing by numbers is way more time consuming than pastels and solvent!

Have a good weekend. I intend to be happily occupied painting the garden shed. Just need to get rid of the cobwebs first. (That's the shed's, not mine).

Bye for now,
Linda x


  1. Pastels and solvent sounds all smelly and artists in garrets and that sort of thing.

    That eye is amazing. I feel I ought to get to grips with faces, so I am fascinated about how artists interpret bits of them. When is this exhibition? Is it this year or next? Of course it fits so well with Annabel's work.

    By the way, the weather here does not look like shed painting weather just now. More like in the studio painting weather. Spring is tantalisingly close, but winter seems very reluctant to shed her mantel.

  2. The exhibition with portraits as the theme is Through Our Hands' next outing to the Festival of Quilts. 2017 mind you - we have to plan well ahead for these things!!

    The solvent I used is pleasant smelling Zest it - marketed as a safer and less harmful alternative to turps and white spirit. The latest DMTV video shows how I used it to get painterly effects with a pastel painted pear similar to the one above. Might be my new favourite thing!


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