Some of the quilts listed below are now offered for sale. Please email if you are interested to buy or have questions about shipping. I am happy to provide close up details of any of the quilts - just ask!

How Fragile We Are

I never thought when I made this quilt that the words would have such significance in a pandemic! Screenprint with monoprint, discharged fabrics and hand dyes. Stamped text. Hand and machine quilting.

45"w x 31"h

Hurt No Living Thing

Screenprint with monoprint. Discharged fabrics with hand dyes. Stamped text with fabric painting. Hand and machine quilting.
42"w x 31"h

Pearl Fox
Screenprint, monoprint and linoprint with discharged and hand dyed fabrics. Stamped text. Hand and machine quilting.
41"w  x 30.5" h

Papillon de Nuit


Ragged and Black

 This quilt is a digital print of one of my gouache and indian ink paintings. It is free motion quilted with hand painted detail and digitally embroidered text.
53in wide x 69.5ins high

Ragged and Black (detail).

Ragged and Black (detail).

The Messenger

This quilt was inspired by the crows, rooks and jackdaws that live all around my house. 

The Messenger (detail).
The Messenger was digitally printed from my original gouache and Indian ink painting.
58in wide x 39ins high

Some Day I'll Fly Away

39.5ins wide x 58.5ins high

Some Day I'll Fly Away (detail).

Some Day I'll Fly Away (detail).
This is another digitally printed whole cloth quilt. The printing process is really faithful to the original painting, showing even the woven texture of the painted canvas.

Edge of a Feather

This is a piece my daughter Laura and I worked on together. It combines my hand painted garden birds with an image of a wonderful old tree in her garden. The design was digitally printed onto cotton poplin fabric. We free motion quilted the the whole thing voiding low-key text in the background.
32.5ins wide x 54.5ins high

Edge of a Feather 
Greater Spotted Woodpecker detail.

Edge of a Feather
Green Woodpecker detail

Edge of a Feather
Chaffinch detail

Edge of a Feather
Wren detail

And In His Dreams He Heard the Surf Roar

Digital print layered with block printing, appliqu├ęd text, hand stitching and free motion quilting.

Detail of applied text.
28ins wide x 35ins high

Big Wave 2

In this quilt I combined the traditional Storm at Sea design with free motion and hand quilting. The crest of the wave was hand painted while the rest of the design was block printed using acrylic paints.

Big Wave 2

Blue Moon Rising 

Blue Moon Rising was inspired by my local landscape in winter. The trees and moon were discharged from black linen and the foreground simply pieced using cotton fabrics.

31ins wide x 41 ins high