A selection of pages from my latest sketchbook. 
You may have seen some of these as works in progress if you are a subscriber to DMTV as they've featured in several of our videos recently. The book was printed and constructed by my daughter Laura and she challenged me to work into the colours and motifs she'd created on the pages.

I've used my favourite garden birds for some of the inspiration.

And sometimes have looked to past artists to see how they have given character to birds in their paintings.

I've collaged and used artist pens.....

And added watercolour and opaque gouache paint.......

And stencilled, drawn and painted.......

The existing printed marks have provided an unusual but lively background to work with.

I've tried to respond to what is already on the page rather than simply work over it.........

And I've matched paint colours with the existing prints to provide balance and a visual connection across the composition.

I've had fun completing partial prints..........

And discovered I really like a very mixed media approach.

I rather like the idea that my birds are sometimes peeking out above the parapet!

And of course, not every page has to be dripping with colour.

Although a pink tulip wouldn't be the same in black and white would it?

Another tulip.

And where there are flowers there will be bees.

This fellow looks a bit grumpy.

And these moths rather sombre.

But butterflies can always be counted on to be more cheery even if the drippy paint is a bit scary.

Another bee.

 And a kingfisher fitting neatly into a printed triangle.

These guys look like they are having a deep and meaningful conversation. Maybe they're arguing about who gets to eat the enormous red berries!

More moths, this time a group in flight.

And yet another watercolour tulip.

If it's my book there has to be at least one crow.

And the last page features a tiny goldcrest.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing how the pages have filled up nicely. I've had a great time with this project - must have loved it because I am just about to embark on a second Printed Sketchbook!