Thursday 23 August 2012

More from the Festival of Quilts

I promised to show a few more highlights from the show so here they are.

C June Barnes and Janice Gunner had a wonderful stand and kindly allowed me to take photographs.

There were beautiful indigo pieces from Janice but there were so many people admiring them I couldn't get close enough to show the detail.

There were lots of 3D exhibits from June.

The pieces were carefully illuminated to emphasize their form.

And cast great shadows.

The quilting was superb of course.

Stephanie Redfern and her daughter Chloe made a great team. Steph's mixed media work always stands out as completely original.

And lastly for today, here are our friends on the Husqvarna stand with all their machines set up and ready to try. It's much like letting a quilter loose in a sweet shop!

I loved the diversity of the exhibits and the traders this year - definitely something for all tastes!

Thanks for dropping by - I'll post again very soon, Linda

Saturday 18 August 2012

At the show

It's late and we need to get some sleep before we head back to the hall for the final day of the show but I thought I'd show you a few quick photos. This must be quite early in the day because it's all relatively quiet around our stand.

Before long, as everyone floods in, it's hard to see through the throng.

 Marie's gallery is just around the corner from our stand.

Her quilts and dolls look beautiful and are receiving a lot of attention.

Here are three of the lovely figures in more detail.

Laura's quilt looks very dramatic hanging in the Pictorial category. She didn't win this year but she gets my vote!

Of course the eating and drinking areas are always the most crowded places in the whole show!

I've taken a few pictures of my favourite quilts and will blog them soon.

Bye for now - Linda

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Must be getting old!

This will be a short post because I can hardly keep my eyes open long enough to write tonight. Age must be catching up with me! We've been at Festival of Quilts today building the stand for the show opening tomorrow. It only takes a bit of muscle, an enormous hired van and a few hours unpacking boxes and crates to get from this.............

To this!

We look almost ready for business don't we? A good night's sleep tonight and we will be!

It'll probably be hectic tomorrow but I'll try to remember to take lots of photos. Meanwhile I thought I'd end by showing you the view from my window this week. This field surrounds our cottage on three sides and the grass has been responsible for my terrible hay fever. Maybe now it's been cut and baled I'll get a bit more sleep at night.

Really though, the sore eyes and sniffles are a very small price to pay for such a beautiful sight and the smell is quite wonderful.

Hope to see lots of you over the next few days. Come and say hello if you're visiting the show.

Talk again soon - Linda

Monday 6 August 2012

Summer - what summer?

We try to be self sufficient with vegetables for as much of the year as possible but we've definitely been up against it this year. Record breaking temperatures and drought in early spring followed by the wettest weather since records began doesn't make for ideal growing conditions. 'He Who Gardens' soldiers on despite the odds and, as he is of a generous nature, always grows far too many plants for the two of us. After giving away as many spares as we could ( even the milkman had trays of tomato plants thrust upon him!) one remaining cucumber plant found its way into the conservatory where conditions seem to be suiting it!

It's growing over the top of the dresser.

And scrambling triffid-like across the doorway. We'll need to pick these soon before we risk concussion on our way into the kitchen.

The cucumber isn't the only thing growing - Laura only has a couple of tops she can still fit into so I've been sewing again. This is a brilliant Vogue pattern (V1261). You can be wearing it within an hour if you have a mind (and a speedy overlocker helps).

Of course if you like it in blue you probably wouldn't say no to the red star version either!

You might have spotted this on the design wall behind the mannequin. It's one of Laura's latest Fingerprint designs. It's a cheat's version of crazy patchwork that I'll be demonstrating on during Festival of Quilts. I'm going to be hand embroidering every pretend seam with Madeira Lana threads.

When we're panicking about getting ready for a show it's all hands on deck. Mom came for a couple of hours this week and had great fun sorting charm squares. The good thing is she doesn't want paying - she went home quite happy with a jar of homemade raspberry jam and, you guessed it, a cucumber!

And out in the studio my embroidery machine has been earning its keep again. I'm using the preset designs but working them onto hand dyed squares that I've already stitched and painted.

Layering the techniques makes all the difference I think. These little jewels are destined to be mini cushions to sell on the stand. I've lost count of how many there are now but I can promise there will be more by next Thursday!

Hope you're all busy and productive too. Thanks for reading this - Linda