Wednesday 6 June 2012

The party's over

I can't remember a weekend like the one we've just had. Seems the whole country went Jubilee mad. The only thing that didn't do its bit for Queen and country was the dratted weather. I don't think rain can be very good for musical instruments but it didn't stop the band playing at our village fete - mind you they did have the foresight to wear plastic hats!

It's surprising who you bump into at the local Indian restaurant when you pop out for a special Jubilee dinner isn't it? I'll leave you to decide who's the card board cut out. Must say though, pink is a very flattering light.

After 4 days of celebration it's an ordinary day today and we're back at work. Seeing the inside of my workroom again reminded me I've had lots of emails from DMTV viewers asking about the faces on my pinboard.

The smiley self portrait above is me circa 1993 or thereabouts. I was teaching City & Guilds Patchwork and Quilting at Westhope College in Shropshire to a group of wonderful women.

And we made the self portraits as a bit of end of term fun using nylon tights, knitting yarn, thread, wire, beads and odds and ends of jewellery. They were attached to a giant card and presented to the college at Christmas. I don't think any class of students ever had so much fun. The faces took on a life of their own and we were in hysterics most of the day.

Years later, when the college was clearing out its storerooms, the Christmas card came to light again and I claimed it for posterity.

I have incredibly happy memories of that first group of students but they are bittersweet because two of the most talented ladies are no longer with us. None of us thought the faces were anything more than a bit of fun but here they are nearly twenty years later still making me smile every time I see them.

Thanks for dropping by. I'll try to get back into the zone and make sure I have some proper work to show you next time you visit!


  1. What wonderful faces and how great that they prompt such happy memories. Are you all Jubilee'd out now :-)

  2. What a super term end project. happy the queen shared your vindaloo

  3. It was a great weekend wasn't it? Great images. Love the faces..l did something similar years ago..great fun aren't they?xxlynda