Saturday 24 August 2013

Painting today

My younger daughter is very inventive when it comes to giving presents. For my birthday last month a small package arrived by post. "I know you're busy", she said "but it's only small and I'm sure you can do it"!

Inside was a 4inch box canvas and a set of official rules for the Pen Pal painting exchange. The deadline seemed ages away so of course the canvas got filed under a pile of more urgent business. Yesterday she emailed to remind me that I have to get the finished painting date marked no later than the 30th of the month.

This afternoon I painted this little sparrow in acrylics. They are a common sight in our garden although I understand their numbers are declining in Britain.

A four inch canvas isn't very big - even for a tiny sparrow! So, I wrapped his tail and the branch he's perching on around the sides of the box. I only need to add a second coat of metallic gold to the background and he can fly off the America. The idea of the pen pal exchange is that everyone taking part is paired with a like minded individual - I shall await with anticipation to see the painting I get in return!

I am very lucky with my relatives! They take time to find unusual gifts and treasures they know I'll appreciate. One of my brothers-in-law sent these lovely old shuttles to me this week. They've seen a lot of hard use but are no less desirable for that! Oh dear, ours will never be a minimalist house!

Talk to you again soon - Linda


  1. Lovely work, acrylics are challenging to get right and you have succeeded with this little guy.

  2. Belated happy birthday...and WOW to the painting. It seems incredible to think of the sparrow numbers declining in Britain. They are so very plentiful here...and I think they are cute. I was shocked some time ago to hear someone call them sky rats...maybe I am just a bit naive but just live and let live is my thought. Hmmm. Minamilist? Phooey!

  3. This is a very creative and cool presentation. The bird is very beautiful and exquisite. Awesome work.