Sunday, 12 January 2014

How high's the water Momma?

And still it rains........

Actually it's dry again today but this is the river when it burst its banks a couple of days ago. We cross this via a little troll bridge every time we go to Laura's.

With more rain forecast tonight her next door neighbours must be wondering when they'll be able to use their garden path again!

Luckily, the fields can bear the brunt of the floods before any buildings are threatened.

With such a lot of weather about there's a lot to be said for staying home! I've been in the studio today adding the finishing touches to the Greater Spotted Woodpecker.

Although I regularly see both of these birds in my garden I don't suppose I'd ever be lucky enough to see them either side of the same tree!

After this morning's painting session I came into the kitchen to wash brushes and because I've been looking around for a new painting subject I noticed how many jugs I seem to be amassing around the house. Jugs on the kitchen windowsill.....

On kitchen shelves..........

In the sitting room..........

In a bedroom.........

On bookshelves...........

In the conservatory......

And in the storeroom waiting for a home!

This is just a fraction of my collection - more jugs than anyone could possibly need but I justify them all by saying they'll be perfect subjects for a still life. Occasionally that even happens! If you keep your eyes peeled while watching DMTV videos you'll spot some of them from time to time - my obsession must surely be tax deductible? 

I watched a fascinating TV programme this week about the history of still life and I feel very inspired to have another go myself. Can't aspire to that amazing basket of fruit by Caravaggio but everyone improves with practise so I shall persevere. He was only 21 when he painted it and I'm nearly three times that so I may have missed the boat. Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained.

I hope you're all keeping warm and dry and hopefully finding time to be creative. Talk again soon - Linda


  1. It seems deliciously incongruous to think of you belting out the Johnny Cash lyrics - "how high's the water, mama?"

    Gave me a smile this morning. Hope you're on a hill. Don't wait till it's five feet high and rising.


  2. Www. Wow wonderful woodpeckers. X

  3. There is no hope of a flood here at the moment as it is over 40 degrees, I hope it stays low enough for you to visit Laura and Amelie! I love all your jugs. I have teapots and cups

  4. So many jugs! Shame I live so far away, I could borrow one or two of them for inspiration in my Creative Sketchbook course!!! Keep dry.

  5. I saw that programme too and it was both inspiring and hugely enlightening.
    happy New Year xx