Monday 1 December 2014

Well done all round

I am being creative I promise you but I'm working on stuff I have to keep to myself for the time being. Although I can't share what I'm doing, I'm really happy to show a few images kindly sent in by three of our DMTV subscribers.

Joanne's lovely panel features printed fabric sent to her by Karen Ruane as well as some vintage Japanese fabrics and is inspired by the painting of artist Kevin Appel. She made this following the 'Art as Inspiration' mini series.

Mary's panel was also inspired by 'Art as Inspiration'. She looked to the art of Ivon Hitchens who apparently always painted whilst listening to music (doesn't everybody?). I am not familiar with this artist's work so I shall have to look him up. That's one of the things I love about our subscribers - they keep us on our toes! The music influence shows though doesn't it? I think Mary's piece has a great harmony and rhythm!

Linda's sampler has turned out beautifully - no wonder she's happy to let us enjoy it too! She made this following the stencilling workshops on DMTV.

While I'm congratulating our subscribers on their creativity, I also want to say good luck and well done to our friend Stuart who has recently launched a new online perfume business. I've been buying from Stuart for years but now I don't even have to go to town - I can just relax in my cosy armchair and choose gorgeous treats to arrive by post. Sounds like a great way to handle the Christmas shopping without the hassle of crowded streets! Good on yer Stuart!

A brief post today but I'll talk again soon - bye for now, Linda

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