Monday, 23 February 2015

Inaugural workshop at the Wooden House

The renovations to Laura's cricket pavilion are almost complete and it's looking gorgeous! The kitchen cupboards are fully stocked with new crockery, cutlery and glasses. The coffee machine and the kettle are in place. All the important stuff to ensure students are well catered for during this year's exciting classes are ready and waiting. We are so looking forward to welcoming the first students to the inaugural workshop next month. If you'd like to be among the first people to see how the 'Wooden House' is looking you can find details of the class and how to book here. Knowing Laura is going to be teaching all the tricks of using frottage has made me revisit many of my sketchbooks as this is one of my very, very favourite techniques. 

It's a fast and easy way to introduce pattern to sketchbook pages.

As well as a perfect way to create wonderful texture. This rubbing was made from a fish slice would you believe?

Rubbings resist washes of intense watercolour to make exciting pages.

This lovely rubbing was made from a metal grid in a local church but it's the choice of paper that makes it so special.

Laura invented this very effective method of creating linear rubbings that work equally successfully on paper and fabric. She'll let you into all the secrets during the class and you'll go home with the wherewithall to recreate the technique as many times as you like!

She'll have all of her rubbing blocks available for you to use on the day.

And she'll explain exactly how you can make your own rubbing plates from very simple materials in the future.

Looking through my sketchbooks, I'm excited to go back and develop some of the rubbings into fabric pieces. Maybe that'll be a follow up class at the Wooden House!

And I think even the paper I used to protect the table has some quick practice pieces that have potential!

If you'd like to join us do get in touch - we'd love to see you!

Very best wishes, Linda x


  1. I do wish I could come but I was happily surprised to see the red and blue rubbing on your post was also included in my "Finish Me" journal. How special. All the best of success to you both with all your workshops in the new Wooden House.

  2. I checked out the flights from Cyprus to Birmingham, sadly without success...shame because I would like to be there!

  3. Wow, love your work. Thanks for the inspiration - i will be back soon :-D Want to try some soon - but just startet to renovate my sewingroom. Looking forward to play..... Have a great and creative day. Hugs from Norway