Thursday 24 September 2015

More Art Diary

It's official - keeping a visual diary is an obsession! I now live my life through the pages of my sketchbook and can't go anywhere or do anything without wondering how to make a record of the event. Fortunately we've had a busy week with lots of things presenting themselves as food for thought.

During a visit to a local farm on Tuesday I took time to make a 5 minute pen sketch of this obliging ram. He seemed quite happy to pose for me.

At the same time I resisted the impulse to draw this creature. He's so ridiculous I don't think you could avoid making him look cartoon-like!

On Wednesday Laura welcomed students to the first of her autumn workshops. This is an ongoing class in Art Quilt Adventures and is more about developing creative design ideas and composition than actual technique. Throughout the day she demonstrated various processes including a few ways with mono print - it looked so exciting I just had to join in!

Have I mentioned before that He Who Gardens also plays guitars? And banjos, ukeleles, mandolins, banjoleles etc etc........... He travelled half way across the country to track down this 1956 Gibson yesterday and then spent most of last night polishing it! I can hear him playing next door as I write this - I am not alone in having obsessions!

Seemed the perfect time to make a few quick mono prints to record the acquisition. Although I worked onto a variety of loose sheets of different paper types I've already chopped them up and incorporated them into my art diary. I added a bit of colour while I half watched, or more accurately, listened to, TV last night and intend to include photos of the actual guitar too just as soon as I've printed some out.

I wasn't intending to post more DMTV members' images here again because we'll soon have a forum where anyone can share their own work and ask questions. However Bernice has been experimenting with cardboard 'etching' prints using dry paper rather than damp. She's got some lovely results so it shows it's always a good idea to question the 'rules' to see what happens. Bernice tells me she used a Cricut machine as well as the back of a spoon and liked the results from both.

Finally, I've been frittering time researching old typewriters lately. You may well ask why - it's because we have had this antique example sitting collecting dust for many years and recently decided to get rid of it. After living in the same house for the best part of 30 years we are thinking of moving and the thought is daunting. Not because I get attached to bricks and mortar, but because I think of all the stuff we've amassed over the years and what a nightmare it will be to pack it all up and relocate. How I'm going to curb my magpie instincts I don't know but I think it might be time to pare down. I'll let you know how that goes!

Thanks for reading - Linda x

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  1. There is something about the structure of llamas and alpacas that is comical. Kind of like they know a joke, but aren't willing to tell it. A Gibson!!! What a treasure. I am sure, He who gardens is filling the house with beautiful notes. I have lived here 30 years, too. We are both "collectors". I shudder to even entertain the idea of moving. Then there is the garden I couldn't recreate since I am 30 years older. LOL! Of course, if it was near Laura so I could attend classes, I would definately sell it all.