Saturday 2 April 2016

Busy day today

 I rarely go to the flea market without finding something of interest.

Today it was this beat up pine box with its alphabet and number printing blocks. It's sadly not complete but I don't care because I often mix different fonts together in my altered books. These will no doubt make an appearance in the 'Little Book of Red' that some of you may have seen on DMTV recently. We spent a bit of money on other things so the stall holder threw the blocks in for nothing - can't be bad!

I've been sewing as well as mooching round market stalls for bargains. The PowerQuilter is earning its keep again. I had a happy hour free motion quilting this bird panel. It's one of the cardboard etchings I made for a DMTV video that's now been digitally printed onto cotton fabric by Jamie and Laura at Fingerprint.

I'm stitching a design of leaves to echo the printed leaves and using spirals to fill in the gaps and travel across from leaf to leaf.

Although I should really finish all the quilting before I start to add paint (or at least take the needle out of the cloth!!) you can see I was impatient to see how a little white acrylic ink would look. I think it will draw attention to the stitched leaves and help them sit happily amongst the printed ones.

In town today I resisted the window display in my favourite dress shop and came home to make something from my vast stash of jersey fabrics.

This started life as a Vogue pattern I've used many times. I shortened the sleeves, narrowed the sides, lengthened the whole thing and added two enormous patch pockets. Doesn't bear much similarity to the photograph on the pattern packet but it will be a really easy piece to wear as the weather warms up.

Hope tomorrow will be just as productive!
Bye for now,


  1. Am looking for a good flea market. Where is the one you go to?

  2. We go to Bridgnorth market on a Saturday morning, but it varies, sometimes there are good stalls, sometimes nothing much!

  3. Phew - am exhausted with all your creativity! Actually slightly jealous if truth be told! Feeling a bit overwhelmed by life at the moment and 'life' and 'art' don't always play nicely together.

    I love that tunic (perhaps I should invest in an overlocker) and love the stitched panel. Yes, I saw it on DMTV and really liked the process you used (though I am still to try it) but as a printed panel with stitch it is really, really fabulous. I do have some lovely images from various sketch book exercises. I should try this approach!

  4. By the way, that flea market is truly a one off! Never have I seen such treasures as you find in the markets I frequent (though, to be fair, frequent is probably not the most accurate of words to use!)

  5. Love the panel Linda, with the addition of the white ink. Can you share the number of the vogue dress pattern please. I know you say you have altered it, but I like the neckline and raglan sleeves. Thank you, Rcahel

  6. Hi Rachel - I've blogged again this morning to show details of the pattern I used. You've probably seen it here before but I alter it so much it isn't really recognisable! Hope you can track it down - I've had it a few years!

    Hi Hilary - hope you get your mojo back soon. We all have these low moments but they pass. What we need is warm sunshine!


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