Wednesday 26 April 2017

Painting Every Day

I can't be the only person who some days feels like I don't have a creative bone in my body or a thought in my head. I go into my workroom and do a bit of tidying and then I sharpen my pencils. Of course there's a limit to how many times you can sharpen your pencils. Here are mine with a few pens and brushes in my Max&Rosie brush roll - all perfectly ready for action. Sadly, lovely as they look, sharp pencils do not a drawing make - not on their own anyway. It's not about how much stuff you've got is it? It's all about applying yourself.

It would be easy to close the door on a newly tidied room and walk away but when inspiration hasn't been cooperating, I prefer to carry on regardless. The results may not be great works of art but it's all good practise. And while you're painting who knows what ideas will creep unbidden into your head?

I always have objects around me that I love and my watercolour paints fit that bill.

This morning I've sketched some of them with a waterproof pen and added a very light wash of paint. Actually hardly any paint at all - more like dirty water.

It's satisfying to create weight and volume to a sketchy outline with a bit of watery shadow.

So, even without a plan, I now have another interesting page in my sketchbook. What next I wonder?

Bye for now - Linda x


  1. Thanks for the reassurance, Linda! I am trying to 'get back at it' after a heavy time of creating for an art show/sale (that was successful, by the by) while it seemed like I was spending an inordinate amount of time drawing out the size of the piece, converting the shapes I'd done in a rectangle into sizes I could use for a square...etc...and tracing those shapes onto fusible web...and auditioning fabric...tomorrow, indeed, I may actually get the full top assembled and ready to quilt! :-)

  2. Hi Margaret - I'd love to see it when it's together!

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