Monday 22 May 2017

Painting again today

I thought I'd better crack on and do a second painting of the Amaryllis today. I only had an hour to spare this afternoon but watercolour is so quick.

Even if you need to wait for one wash to dry before you can add the second, it only takes a few minutes when the weather is warm like today.

I'm breaking my own rules with this one - usually I say to use big brushes so you don't fiddle about too much but this painting is only small so I have resorted to finding out the tiny brushes I rarely use.
Even with tiny brushes, I can't get the fine detail of the pattern on the petals so the final lines were added with Inktense pencils before softening them slightly with a bit of clean water.

If I have any free time tomorrow I might tackle the fully opened blooms before they die on me. The plant is so top heavy now that all four flowers are open we've had to prop the stalk up against the arm of a chair!

Linda x