Wednesday 12 July 2017

What the hard work is about.......

Summertime is when a walk up the garden path reveals the reason why 'He Who Gardens' perseveres every year against unpredictable weather, marauding rabbits, squirrels and pesky pigeons! 

We're spoilt for choice when it comes to dinner time. Will we have courgettes, broad beans or French beans tonight? Maybe all three and a salad with fresh chilli, wild rocket, mint and coriander for good measure!

No question about pudding - with all those raspberries and gooseberries today it has to be a crumble made using both and served with custard of course. Another reason why I'll never be thin!

With dinner taken care of I can return my thoughts to things creative. On one of our regular visits to my mom recently I photographed the lovely hexagon quilt she made for her guest bedroom. It was finished a couple of years ago and was no mean feat for someone who's now 89. It was English paper pieced using 1 inch hexagons.

I thought it looked so beautiful I couldn't resist starting a new quilt of my own. DMTV viewers will be able to see how that's going next week. I'm using a very different colour palette and the set of the hexagons won't be traditional like mom's lovely rosettes in a diamond arrangement. I'll explain all the inspiration that has influenced my choices in the video meanwhile I need to get back to tacking all those bits of fabric to the papers!

Bye for now - Linda x


  1. What a stunning quilt Linda. xx

  2. Thanks Lin - it is pretty isn't it?

  3. Real English summer colours. Lovely.

  4. Your mom's quilt is beautiful!!!! I love, love hand sewing can't wait to see what you do!!! Thanks for sharing your mom's quilt...tell her how much your readers love it!!

  5. Your Mom's quilt is gorgeous. I hope I'm still at it at 89. I am so envious of He who Gardens bounty. Our squirrels are already at the walnuts after finishing off the cherries. Looking forward to the next DMTV.

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments about mom's quilt. I know she'll be really happy to know you like it. She's busy making patchwork cushions to sit on the bed now - there's no stopping that woman!