Friday 7 October 2011

More stuff!

Once you discover your local auction house it is the beginning of a downward path. Every month now we are tempted to buy things we never even knew we wanted! Laura got the fever this week. It was her first time but she raised her hand quite fearlessly to win no less than 3 different lots. We left before the end but couldn't resist leaving a bid on a heap of what the catalogue described as Bedouin bags and rugs.

A phone call later that day let us know we'd been successful. Levi has already staked her claim on this one which suits her regular spot on the old church pew in the kitchen.

This fringed number miraculously fits the top of my blanket box as if it were made for it! It's a bit faded but still richly coloured.

With the oriental theme of next year's exhibition at the Needle Museum on my mind I've begun to draw Cranes as a change from Crows. They are such an elegant shape and I just love those long toes. I've painted Herons before and they are a similar shape so I should get the hang of them with a bit of practise.

This lovely object from Wolverhampton Art Gallery has been on my mind a lot too.

And this one! No shortage of Crane type inspiration, just need to decide what to do with it now!!

Thanks for visiting - talk to you again soon.



  1. You and Laura really won big at the auction! I love Persian rugs and the beautiful colors. Levi looks as though he is the Prince of the rugs. The cranes are gorgeous. Have a beautiful weekend.

  2. Lovely cat,is that a British shorthair cat?

  3. Thanks Jeannie - hope you have a great weekend too!

    Levi is a British Blue. She's an old girl now but a sweet natured cat. Very quiet, quite unlike our other cat Toby who's a Bengal and really vocal. He often interrupts our video recording sessions!

  4. Hi Linda,

    1. Levi!
    2. That pink coverlet is reminiscent of India-inspired work done by Jinny Beyer...Beautiful!

  5. What a beautiful rug. Keep on bidding and keep on painting!!

  6. Levi is just like Spunky, our feral cat, who came to us years ago in the engine of DH truck from a ranch. He bit me as I reached to rescue him and then lived in the yard for two weeks as i meowed and fed him. He is now an urban cat and hates the great outdoors. he would love those rugs!