Sunday 30 October 2011

New toy!

I've been painting again this week. There's quite a flock of Rooks and Crows on the wall right now. I used the gouache and ink resist technique again for this one and made it to fit the lovely gold frame I found in the local flea market last Saturday.

He's painted on heavy watercolour paper and I love the way the ink settles into the dimpled texture.

I've been experimenting (with limited success) using the same technique on canvas. Some nice bits and some that still need work but it's nothing that a couple of hours and some more paint can't fix!

Actually, it's a miracle I got any work done at all because I got a new toy on Monday. Compared to my Mom's ancient overlocker, that I'd been using until it died last week, this machine is a very sophisticated beauty!

Of course I had to try it out immediately and here's the evidence. The jacket isn't quite finished yet but it only took about a hour to cut it out and sew it up. The old machine was very basic. In fact it was pretty much a case of stop or go. This one can do everything except make the coffee. As soon as I discover how to switch from overlock to cover stitch there'll be no stopping me!

I thought I'd finish with a little jewel I spied in the garden today. Look how the afternoon sun is reflected in those drops of moisture. If ever I needed inspiration to embellish this is it! (Actually, ignore that, anyone who knows me knows that I don't need any excuse to bead!)

Thanks for visiting - talk to you again soon - Linda


  1. Linda, the resist with gouache is so much fun! I, too, have been experimenting with the technique on canvas since I watche the DMTV show..but using it over various other mediums - acrylic, gold leaf, etc.!! The results can be very ethereal. The challenge for me is how big of a canvas can I do this on and still be able to wash it off? I need a really big bath rub, I think!

    I enjoy your blog - there's always something that delights me.


  2. Hi Cleta, I'd love to see what you've been doing with the resist technique, especially if you've been combining it with gold leaf - my latest favourite thing!!

  3. Hi Linda - I sent you an e-mail earlier today. btw - I do love the effect you've gotten on the plain canvas so far! (no gesso, right? fantastic)


  4. Just happened upon your lovely blog. Really enjoyed the paintings and textile works. I think your raven theme is interesting, evocative. Lovely photography, too.
    best from Tunisia,

  5. Cleta - I think if you plan to work really big you may need to hose it down in the garden!

    Nadia - welcome. I think you are my first visitor from Tunisia. I'm very pleased you like the work!

  6. Linda, I have a question about the over-lock machine. I have a 10 year old Bernina. I love over-locking where applicable but if my thread breaks so does my heart. Your machine looks simple to thread. Is that the case? Do you just pass the threads into the grooves and go?

  7. Hi Beth. I've never used a Bernina overlocker so I don't know how it compares. The Husqvarna came ready threaded and so at first I just knotted my threads on and pulled them through. The 2 needles are really easy to thread and the loopers have a handy trigger that shoots the thread into the difficult to reach left hand side. All you have to do then is thread through the looper eyes and away you go. I found this much easier than my ancient machine - things have definitely moved on in the last ten years!