Friday 25 November 2011

Keeping in touch

Our group SiX have invited a few friends to work towards an exhibition in 2012. There will be nine of us which will be great fun. Everyone knows one or more people in the group but no one except Laura and I really knows everyone (and even we don't know some of the artists very well)! In an attempt to 'bond' we've been chatting together by email but Laura thought it might be more friendly to start a group blog. No sooner the word than the deed as the saying goes so here it is sixandfriends It was only created yesterday so there's not a lot to see yet but if you are interested in how we all prepare for an exhibition you might like to follow our progress!

The exhibition has an oriental theme and the initial research is really fascinating - almost as much fun as it will be making the work. There are so many gorgeous images on the internet - I love this characterful bird! It's not a new passion - people may think I've only been been working with birds as inspiration for a few years but the Crested Crane below is a lithograph I made in 1969!! Can't imagine why I kept it for so long but it may come in useful now.

Although he does look a bit gormless don't you think?

The birds I do nowadays are more animated and curious I hope!

There is some sewing going on too. This is a detail of the Iris hanging I just finished for DMTV. Iris flowers have a symbolic meaning in Japanese culture so this quilt may make an appearance at the exhibitions!

Have a good weekend! Talk to you soon, Linda


  1. Yes, your birds are great, they always have this glint in their eyes, really good!