Saturday 5 November 2011

More Saturday bargains

I was determined not to come home with anything other than essentials from the market today but I hadn't bargained for finding an easel at an irresistible price. I got this for an unbelievable £8!

I couldn't wait to try it out and started a new Rook panel straight away. I've only blocked in the main colours so far but plan to work on it more tomorrow once the first layer of acrylic paint is dry.

The easel wasn't the only unnecessary but tempting thing I acquired this week. I am a very keen cook but I've never made butter - finding these at the local auction house means if ever I do decide to try it I'll be prepared! In the meantime they'll look lovely hanging in the kitchen.

I got a few emails complaining about the picture of the scary spider I posted a little while ago. Seems some people don't like them as much as I do! My sister Maureen, she of Quilting Place fame, always has to outdo me. It's not that we're competitive you understand - she just knew I'd be fascinated by this snake skin she spotted while out walking near her house in southern France.

As if the sloughed skin wasn't scary enough she sent this picture a day or two later - this one is definitely livelier!

I guess it's not very big but I still wouldn't want to discover it slithering around in broad daylight!

Apparently, like Maureen the snakes are still enjoying the warm French sunshine. Back home we are distinctly autumnal but at least it keeps the vipers at bay! Mind you we did find a frog in the coal bucket tonight. It doesn't really compete but it's the best we can do in our quiet little English village!

Wild life permitting I plan to paint all day tomorrow - hope you have a great weekend too. Thanks for visiting - Linda


  1. Great bargain!! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the painting too.

    I had some of those butter pats, the kids used to use them as bats, when they weren't hitting each other with them.. :-)

    And Maureen can keep her vipers, we have enough fun dodging the ones in the New Forest, especially having a terrier who disappears down rabbit holes where the snakes often are!! I found a shed skin earlier this year but it was a bit manky to bring home. :-(

  2. The snake skin was awesome!! I too found too many things irresistible at auctions and have self-banned myself from ever going again.

  3. Hi Amanda - I've added gold leaf to the sun and a bit more detail to the feathers but the weather's glorious today and the garden is calling!

    Oh Beth wish I had your self control!

  4. I can send you a few Brazen Hussies.(does, we are inundated with them and now it's rutting season they are suicidal, leaping out in front of you as we drive along0

  5. Fantastically scary snake-skin! When I was about 7, I gave my Mom a near heart-attack when I came home from my "swamp wanderings" (grew up in Florida) with a big snake skin wrapped over my shoulders....I thought it was lovely! And I liked your scary spider, too...the intricate pattern and coloration was mesmerizing.

    Love the easel. There is something comforting about a gently used easel..or book.

    btw - what kind of snake is that crawling up the wall?? it looks like something you don't want biting your it poisonous? I know Italy has little brown vipers but didn't know France had any.


  6. I love spiders and snakes too. Gorgeous snake, I agree with scooter, what kind was it? Def. looks like a viper of some kind but it's really long.

    Your ravens and crows are just awesome!

  7. Hi Scooter and Tracy - I'm told it's a viper but can't be more specific than that. I understand there are several types of viper in that part of the world. Apparently the French say you can tell if a snake is venomous by its eyes - if the pupils are round it's completely innocent. If they have a vertical slit it's one to avoid. Funny thing is you have to get far too close to find out if it's safe to get close!!