Saturday, 21 January 2012


I was lucky to be able to photograph a few beautiful moths this morning. The ones I see flying in the garden are usually brown and boring but these had lots of colour and pattern. They were sadly behind glass but as it was a dull day the reflections weren't too much of a problem. Some of the photos I took were of Victorian specimens and rather fragile but I'm sure I will be able to draw from the photographs now I can see the detail at such close quarters.

I've been altering a book about moths for a while now. It has lots of generic moth shapes because I've rather relied on print and stencil techniques but now I have real specimens to work from I'll be able to do more 'proper' drawing!

Enjoy your weekend! Linda


  1. The antenae on the upper moth is fantastic! Truly beautiful moths. Have fun!

  2. The upper moth could be a source of inspiration for months. As well as the antenna the 'eyes' on the wings are fabulous.