Wednesday 11 January 2012

Yet more printing

That's the trouble when you invite your sister over to play - she has so much fun screenprinting that you can't get a look in!

Of course you and your Mom are allowed to watch and if you're lucky you're even allowed to hold the fabric!

The poor longarm machine gets festooned with wet prints. What on earth is Maureen planning to do with all those lizards?

I know we all look very serious but that was just concentration - we had a great time!

So much so that next week we're going to play at monoprinting!

Talk to you again soon - Linda


  1. Looks like a pretty good family time to me.

    The long arm looks better draped in those compared to mine which currently looks like a clothes horse. I call it multi-functioning.

  2. Say hello to Maureen from me, looks like she's having a lot of fun with the printing!

  3. Hi Amanda, We tend to use the exercise bike to air laundry - it's not used for anything else obviously!

  4. Hi Meta - lovely to hear from you! We did have fun and we hope to make it a regular event. I'll say hello to Maureen from you tomorrow! Hope your quilting is going well. Bye for now.