Saturday 18 August 2012

At the show

It's late and we need to get some sleep before we head back to the hall for the final day of the show but I thought I'd show you a few quick photos. This must be quite early in the day because it's all relatively quiet around our stand.

Before long, as everyone floods in, it's hard to see through the throng.

 Marie's gallery is just around the corner from our stand.

Her quilts and dolls look beautiful and are receiving a lot of attention.

Here are three of the lovely figures in more detail.

Laura's quilt looks very dramatic hanging in the Pictorial category. She didn't win this year but she gets my vote!

Of course the eating and drinking areas are always the most crowded places in the whole show!

I've taken a few pictures of my favourite quilts and will blog them soon.

Bye for now - Linda


  1. I've been there for 2 days and it was a wonderful experience. Linda your stand was always busy and I just loved all the lovely things you had on display. I looked at Marie's beautiful work in her gallery and it certainly was attracting a lot of attention.

  2. Laura's quilt definately would have received my vote. I have loved that image since she first shared it. Oh how I wish I could have flown in, just to shop in your booth and to see the gallery of Marie's beautiful work. Kick back next week and rest!

  3. I'm coming; I'm coming! Hang on in there for just one more day ladies!!

  4. I now understand why visitors come twice, if it was nearer I'd pop back for another look at all I missed. It was great to say 'hello' on Thursday. Laura's quilt was certainly outstanding and I loved looking at all the stitching detail.

  5. Your stand looked fabulous as always, I bought some of Lauras lovely printed fabrics but was sad to have missed out on the threads special offer and the de-colourant spray.

    Lauras quilt was stunning and should have been a winner :)

  6. Thank you all for your kind words about our stand and Laura's quilt. If you came to see us and we were too busy to talk I'm really sorry! It was frantically busy most days and only slowed down on Sunday when most of the visitors looked as exhausted as we were! It may take a few days to recover but I expect we'll be happy to go through it all again next year.