Thursday 23 August 2012

More from the Festival of Quilts

I promised to show a few more highlights from the show so here they are.

C June Barnes and Janice Gunner had a wonderful stand and kindly allowed me to take photographs.

There were beautiful indigo pieces from Janice but there were so many people admiring them I couldn't get close enough to show the detail.

There were lots of 3D exhibits from June.

The pieces were carefully illuminated to emphasize their form.

And cast great shadows.

The quilting was superb of course.

Stephanie Redfern and her daughter Chloe made a great team. Steph's mixed media work always stands out as completely original.

And lastly for today, here are our friends on the Husqvarna stand with all their machines set up and ready to try. It's much like letting a quilter loose in a sweet shop!

I loved the diversity of the exhibits and the traders this year - definitely something for all tastes!

Thanks for dropping by - I'll post again very soon, Linda

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  1. I thought the show was the best ever. I think it was all the varied galleries that made it for me. As always the stands were great, but somehow this year it felt like a throbbing and vibrant exhibition. I loved it. I did pop by your stand too. I hope you had a successful event.

    Hilary G