Wednesday 26 September 2012

Unfinished business

I feel the need to start some completely new work but I never like to leave anything unfinished so, before I can allow myself free rein there are things that need to be done.

I've put the finishing touches to this piece 'Imagining' which I think I've only shown little details of before. She was looking a little insipid so I've worked into the features with Inktense pencils and added a few more embroidered moths to introduce a bit more energy. She now has a hanging sleeve and a label and is ready for her moment in the public eye at Leamington Art Gallery.

You'd be forgiven for thinking you've seen this quilt before!

In fact no one has ever seen it until now! I am prepared for this to be controversial and am somewhat nervous about putting my head above the parapet when I admit that this is a second version of the quilt that won recently in Alsace. When I said to Laura people would think it was cheating to produce another quilt so similar she pointed out to me that no fine art printmaker would ever make a single print from a plate - they would make a limited edition. This is Number 2 in my very limited edition of 2! All of the machine quilting is free motion and I'm still adding colour to the quilted surface with Inktense pencils so it will change a little more before it is completely finished. 

I've emphasised the outlines of the text with Madeira Lana threads.

And used more Lana to define the veining of the moths' wings. There isn't any fabric painting on version 2 but there is lots of hand stitch and pencil drawing - so there you are, it is very different in detail to the first version!

Daylight hours have been rather hectic this week but there's always the evenings and always time for knitting! Laura started this cotton baby blanket in what she thought was plenty of time but was caught out when her baby arrived so early. For some reason she seems too preoccupied to do any knitting now! and it has come to me with the plea to finish it before Amelie is old enough to knit it for herself.
Here's the warning if you're bored with baby photos - LOOK AWAY NOW!

Amelie at two weeks trying not to look humiliated in grandma's handknit hat. Poor baby - if only she knew there's so much more knitting to come!

Thanks for dropping by. It's lonely in blogland if nobody comes to visit!

Talk again soon, Linda


  1. Gorgeous baby photo again....but, does anybody else's thoughts mysteriously turn to ravioli - or is it just me!!

    Loving the quilts Linda, and can't wait to see them for real. It's going to be a cracker of an exhibition. A x

  2. I always enjoy your blog -- this afternoon on a break from reading through Module 8! -- and of course I get ideas...

    And doesn't wee Amelie resemble her mummy? No matter what she may say when she's old and sophisticated -- that hat is cute!

  3. Absolutely adorable. The hat is cute too. Loving the pics of Amelie so don't stop posting them.

  4. amelie is beautiful and I am sure we will not tire of pics of her. I just love how "real" you and you daughter are.

  5. Your imagine series is so thought provoking and beautiful. I am with Laura. Amelie is so cute in the cap. Tell Laura not to fear about finishing the blanket. My Mom started a sweater for me before I was born. I was a month late, but the sweater is still in her "hope chest", unfinished almost 60 years later. It is now a family joke :) Wishing you all a beautiful rest of the week.

  6. I never fail to read your blog. I just hate the capcha security. It is very difficult for me to make it out - correctly. You handwork is really lovely but I really am enjoying the Amelie photos. Go figure. I am so NOT a baby person but she is actually adorable and sort of a family member of sorts. I personally think she will love all these photos of her modeling the knitwear made with such love. I also adore your sense of humor... Sending love to you all.

  7. You didnt say Linda, why you made mark 2? Is it because Mark one as a champion winner is sold? I am just being plain nosey, but it is very interesting and it is an outstanding quilt, very thought provoking for me. Amelie is simply devine, I am very envious as have no grandchildren..yet. Please post the pictures & the hat is kooky but great
    Regards to Laura

  8. Hi Shelagh - the first Remembering was intended for the Through Our Hands exhibition in Leamington but when I saw the competition theme for Carrefour du Patchwork in Alsace it was so perfect that it just had to go there. The Best in Show is a purchase award so I probably will never see that quilt again. The Leamington exhibition is looming large and hence the second version developing the same theme but making it somewhat different.

    Thanks to everyone who has commented about the work or the baby or both. I think I've hit on a compromise - lots of you seem to enjoy the updates on Amelie so I will show the occasional baby pic but I'll hide it at the bottom of the post so anyone who's getting bored can give it a miss!

  9. I haven't yet made a Mark 2 quilt, but's it an interesting idea making the same quilt again. Sometimes when you finish a project, you look at it and think it could be made it better if x,y etc. were changed.

  10. She is too cute in that hat. What a sweetheart. Her fan in Nova Scotia.

  11. love the quilts and the concepts expressed by them - and don't be shy about enjoying your lovely granddaughter - like the quilts she is also one of a kind (whether a mark 2 or not!) and you only have this time once so go for it! - It's lovely of you to share this too :)

  12. Beautiful photos Linda. Especially that beautiful baby! I love the 2/2 quilt, just so dreamy.
    I've tried to email you 3 times about renewing but my messages have been returned. Could you email me when you get a chance?
    Thank you!

  13. Amelie just sums up the meaning of beauty in one photograph. Congratulations to you all.

  14. Hi Linda,
    van Gogh made 2 series of Sunflower paintings and that is not controversial so I wouldn't worry about your 2 'Marks'

  15. Amelie is adorable - but wearing that hat she reminds me of Yoda.

    Love your recent quilts and their theme!

  16. Carol - I've tried emailing you at that address but it wouldn't go through. Do you have another address I can try?