Thursday 20 September 2012

You asked for it

I promise this will be the last lot of baby photos for a while. I am quilting - honest! There will be evidence soon. In the meantime here's Amelie aged 9 days.

And looking incredibly stressed on her mother's lap at 11 days!

That girl needs to learn to relax! Actually I think she's been taking lessons from my Bengal cat, Toby who also sleeps stretched out like that. Wish I could be that serene - mind you an hour in the dentist's chair this morning didn't help.

I'm planning a bit of a new direction for my next set of work. Having been inspired by Alistair Sooke's TV programmes on Roman art recently I'm going to revisit Pompeii. Not literally unfortunately although I did go there many years ago. The colours and textures of the distressed frescoes are glorious and I love the landscape and bird paintings especially. I may of course bring in the odd portrait as that will provide the link between current work on ageing and memory. The ideas are completely vague right now but I'm sure I'll find some focus once the sketchbook gets going!

I'll let you see some progress when there is any!

Bye for now - Linda


  1. Bless! Our pup has trouble chilling out just the same way. Hope Laura's well too!

    Looking forward to seeing how your work develops.

  2. Ahh so sweet:)
    Your new work sounds intriguing.

  3. I certainly don't mind a mix of baby and art work! She is a doll!!!

  4. Hi LInda,
    there are never too many pictures of your cute little grandchild Amelie. And much nicer than those of TK (Topless Kate)

  5. I love the Amelie updates...please don't stop them coming. It's so nice to watch new life grow and develop.
    Can't wait to see Pompeii inspired pieces either. It all sounds so exciting.

  6. I love the glimpses of Amelie. I too would love to be able to relax as she does. I look forward to seeing where your sketchbooks take you in Pompeii.

  7. Lovely photos, Linda, she's gorgeous! I think your mix of quilting and "reality" is an accurate reflection of most of our lives and one inevitably informs the other, whether we know it or not! An image of Amelie on a quilted Roman fresco perhaps??

  8. You are all so tolerant of our total fixation with the new arrival. Thank you so much for being so understanding. My excuse for posting so many photos here is that it's the easiest way for family who live at a distance to see how she's coming along.

  9. Photos of Amelie in no way interfere with the doing and showing of art so please don't restrain yourself. A few photos sprinkled in amongst the art blogging will do quite nicely.

  10. Don't apologise - we are all jealous (at least I am ) of all the cuddles you are getting - enjoy them. Alistaire Sooke's programme is amazing too isn't it.
    Barbara S

  11. I love to see her Linda, keep it up as far as I'm concerned. Steph x