Wednesday 21 November 2012

I could do this in my sleep

Actually, if I could stitch while asleep I would make more progress. The simple running stitch I'm using in the Kantha inspired piece is very repetitive, mindless and totally compulsive! I keep telling myself to stop but not till I've reached some particular point - even if it is late at night and I should really be tucked up in bed.

Just one more needle full of thread, just one more colour......

It's feeling so lovely in the hand now there's all this quilting.

And I love the spark of red and indigo against the dark silk. A few more hours of stitching in daylight hours would be good but my excuse for this project taking so long is this little distraction.

I know it looks like butter wouldn't melt but she doesn't sleep all day!

Laura's trying her hardest to get back to her creative work too but there's only so long a baby can have a kickabout in her rocking chair and then grandma has to come to the rescue. Not that I'm complaining you understand - the Kantha can wait!

Talk to you soon - Linda


  1. I am so used to gushing about what you and Laura are working on. When you throw in a couple of photos of Amelie, that all goes out the window and I gush about her. :) Sincerely, I am loving your Kantha and Laura's Boro piece is beautiful. But, the babe in her rocker is too adorable to focus on them. Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the week.

  2. I love your Kantha, wish I could stitch like that

  3. loving the kantha but could you just pass Amelie round for a cuddle please!Barbara S