Wednesday 14 November 2012

So, how did that happen?

It's been something of a momentous week. It would seem that I am now officially old! It's crept up on me while I wasn't looking but I've qualified for my state pension so it must be true. With the rocking chair and shawl beckoning I have resolved to finish lots of bits that have been hanging around for too long.

You might have seen these discharged trees before - now I've added on some hand dyed horizontal bands and a patchwork foreground. It's back on the design wall while I decide if I want more patchwork on the bottom. I had intended to include some appliqued crow fabric I made ages ago but I had a change of heart this morning. The crows will have to wait a bit longer for their moment.

The fabrics are a bit mean and moody to suit this melancholic time of year but I'm intending to add some copper metallic painted details once the quilting is finished - that'll liven them up a bit!

The stitching continues on my Kilim and Kantha inspired cushion.

DMTV members can see Part 3 of the project from tomorrow and I've promised to show the finished cushion here when all the quilting is complete. With this amount of hand quilting it may take some time!

There's still lots of glorious colour in the garden. This euphorbia is just outside my studio door. I love how many colours there are on a single plant and the beads of water are an added bonus.

And speaking of colour this purple mushroom appeared in the woodland part of our garden yesterday. Mushrooms are notoriously difficult to identify - I'm hoping it may be an Amethyst Deceiver mostly because I love the name!

Here's a picture of Amelie taken a few days ago. She's looking pretty colourful too!

Thanks for reading this. I'll be in touch again soon - Linda


  1. Amelie sure does have some loveliness to lean on!!

  2. I'm always being told to act my age and not my shoe size(3!
    Congratulations anyway and there are some perks (can't think of any at the moment)
    I love to read your blog, getting inspiration and seeing Amelie looking so lovely and colourful.
    Thanks again for DMTV, my week would not be the same without it.

  3. Welcome to the club - no holding you back now (not that anything ever seems to).

  4. Aha! I too am "old", having qualified for Canada Pension retirement benefits in September. The more, the merrier!

  5. I've managed to pass the 60 post but have to wait 2 years to get my pension :-( One consolation is I qualify for a railcard! Yay! I love the look of your kantha work, it has changed the look of the fabric completely. I will look at the video tomorrow hopefully. I love to have a hand sewing project by me and will get cracking on designing something along these lines.

    Amelie looks very comfortable :-)