Sunday 20 January 2013

And still it snows

I hate this winter weather with a vengeance but I will grudgingly admit there are compensations for being snowed in again today. Suddenly the lure of a warm kitchen is even stronger than usual. I'm gradually working my way through 'Around my French Table' by Dorie Greenspan. This is her pear and almond tart and it comes highly recommended! Especially with a generous dollop of cream fraiche.

According to a doctor I saw on breakfast TV yesterday it's not as sinful as it may seem. Apparently it's a good idea to eat high fat foods when it's as cold as it is today. Good excuse to indulge if one were of the guilt ridden nature and an excuse was needed!

My workroom is normally my sanctuary (and that's probably a healthier option than the kitchen) but it doesn't have its usual appeal when it involves a dash through the snow. No matter how often we clear the path it's white over again within the hour.

I did manage to tear myself away from the smell of baking long enough to venture out there to pin the Attic Window quilt onto the longarm machine. I often quilt small pieces like this on a domestic sewing machine but I decided to put the basic quilting in on the longarm first of all then I shall add extra detail with the MegaQuilter.

I also finished the quilting on 'Blue Moon Rising' this week and enjoyed putting the binding and sleeve on last night. I know some people hate the finishing off but it's always my favourite bit. I love to see how the quilt is transformed when all the distracting excess wadding is trimmed off. Definitely one of life's small pleasures. So, now you know the extent of my non existent social life - my favourite way to spend a Saturday night is sewing down a binding!!

BTW, I took this picture quickly in poor light tonight but I'll have a better stab at it in daylight and let you see the whole thing soon.

Thanks for dropping by - I appreciate your company! Bye for now, Linda


  1. oooh I can smell your tart!! I love the moon on this quilt. Looking forward to seeing it all in the flesh.

  2. Thanks, and yes please. I'll have a slice of that tart.

    By the way, I love the Blue Moon quilt.

  3. Love your Blue Moon quilt, your new quilt being stitched also. And I would have a piece of pie also if I could. Baking here today--cornbread to go with chili for supper. We have cold and some light snow sifting down. It has been so dry here that we would welcome a big snow--for a day or two.

  4. your pie almost makes me wish I liked cooking

  5. The tart looks very tempting, thanks for mentioning the title of the cookbook. I just downloaded it from the Canadian Library I'm a member of and it is on my I-pad now (at the moment I'm in Holland, I love this possibility) I actually like the snow, we have it too and it still snows (flurries). The garden looks like a abstract piece of art with the different structures covered in snow. And I like the way it slows life down for a bit.
    But I'm worried about my Sorbaria. It is in a pot and it survived the frost last winter without a problem. But then it had fat buds. Now the buds started to 'unbud' in the fall and when it begun to freeze, the leaves were already starting due to the mild weather. They are small, green and frilly. So I took the pot inside and put it in a cool spot and now I hope it survives.
    Another question, I'm making a scarf and want to make it like the one you once showed on DMTV, where you join the ends but with a twist. How long should I make it? Thanks for helping me out with this.
    And enjoy the snow;-)

  6. Hi Gerda - Good luck with your Sorbaria! Our pots are outside but I don't suppose they are very happy in this snow. The buds are still quite tight so hopefully they'll survive again this winter. The best advice I can give about the cowl scarf is to keep trying it around your neck as you knit it. Some people like it quite close to the neck but others prefer more of a drape. I think it's a personal choice rather than a rule! We've got a different version coming to DMTV soon - you might like it even more!

  7. I love you Blue Moon Rising quilt but am also in love with your attic window. I wish I could sit in a cozy room with a piece of your tart and gaze at them! I wish I had a smidgen of your talent! Keep snug and enjoy your binding!

  8. Both the Blue Moon Rising and the attic window quilts are outstanding. You are so clever and talented. The bricks look real, and the idea of having the trees in the window with the birds on the inside is spectacular. I love it!