Friday 11 January 2013

Black on black

It's not a great idea for someone with my eyesight to be quilting with black thread on black fabric in the dark days of January! Luckily, after the early morning mist had disappeared, today was clear and sunny - perfect for a couple of hours on the longarm machine.

I wanted to get at least the night sky bit finished so I could switch to a teal thread and be able to see what I'm doing!

I quilted the moon to look crater-like.

And used the same teal thread to outline the marks I made with discharge paste for mosaic-like quilting under the trees. There's a long way to go yet but my friend Edwina is coming to use the machine soon so I have a deadline.

I like to have several things on the go so that if I get tired of one I can turn to another. These Attic Window blocks are pinned to the wall beside me. You might spot I've added some colour despite my best intentions to keep it starkly achromatic. Laura prints her Old Oaks fabric in natural colour as well as black and white and it was photographed in a beautiful golden light that gives the quilt a lovely warmth.

There's other stuff going on too - in case you were wondering, Amelie did eventually get her New Year bolero.

It was such a hit I couldn't resist making another. This time I used a multi coloured sock yarn which I rather like although you might think it's strange how the collar is red and yellow on one side and blue and green on the other - that's variegated yarns for you!

Hope you're finding time to get fun stuff done. Thanks for dropping by - Linda


  1. She is growing up so quickly and dressed to the nines!!!

  2. Love the variegated bolero - it looks as though Amelie does too! Your quilting is looking super too and I like the addition of a little colour into the attic windows.

  3. That top quilt is quite fabulous! I love colour, yet this appeals so much.

    I do enjoy seeing your work progress (but even you cannot turn me into a knitter!)

  4. Lovely family photos, always nice to 'catch up' with Laura and Amilie. And you WIPs are always inspiring!

  5. Love those details of your quilting. Sweet bolero :-)