Sunday 17 February 2013

Having far too much fun

I've got my newest quilt for our Six and Friends' exhibition, 'Orientation' well on the way today. It's a glorious day and I'm making the most of the beautiful light to tackle the quilting. It's just great when things are going well and you can see progress being made.

I'm free motion quilting the negative spaces to throw the characters into relief. Today's brilliant sunshine really shows how that's working doesn't it? Pity I won't be able to request such cooperative side lighting at the exhibition venues!!

Where there are no motifs to stitch around, I'm letting the colours of the fabric dictate the shape of the quilting. You may already know (because I've shown the whole of the print already) that this is a hugely enlarged digital print that started life as a gouache and Indian ink painting in my A4 sketchbook. The dark random marks are what remained of the ink when the page was washed under running water. A slightly unpredictable technique but one I love for that very reason.

Compelling as it is to hide away in my workroom all day, the weather did lure me and my camera out into the garden for a few minutes.

After a dismal winter the first crocus of the year are always a joy aren't they?

And the stems of the dogwood are enjoying their moment of glory before they get chopped back for the new season. (I only just noticed my shadow in the photo - I'll never make a proper photographer!!)

The Honesty grows like a weed here and I don't find the foliage or the flowers very appealing most of the year but at this time I love to see the papery seedheads catch the sun, even though they are a bit bedraggled and moth eaten.

I admit to being compulsive when it comes to quilting but, tempting as it is to go back and stitch like a thing possessed for the rest of the afternoon I have domestic duties to perform. The family are arriving shortly and there may be a riot if there's no evidence of Sunday dinner in preparation. Off to the kitchen!

Thanks for reading - Linda


  1. I love seeing the unquilted areas poof up contrasting with the quilted areas. The red in the artwork is gorgeous. I can just imagine it on silk. My crocus opened this week. First one, then two, a riot of color. I love to garden, but nothing excites me more than the first bloom of spring. Enjoy you family meal!