Sunday 10 February 2013

Nothing if not persistent

Once I start something I pretty much always finish it no matter how long it takes! You might remember the cushion top I started not so long ago. Well, it was anything but a quick fix but it kept me busy and quiet on many a winter's night. When I'm asked if I've seen a particular TV programme I usually say, "no but I heard it".

You can just spot a corner of the Kantha quilted cushion that inspired me to take the hand stitching further.

I promised I'd show how my sketchbook page turned out when Jamie at Fingerprint got his hands on it - he's done a great job and as you can see, I've got it layered up ready for  the quilting. Can't wait to get going!!

Here's the other quilt I've been working on this week. I've called it 'Broken'. Today it's complete with free motion quilting and ready have a few areas painted.

I've used very pale thread in some places to connect the light fabrics with the dark border. This is going to be featured in a DMTV video soon so I'll keep the rest of the details for then!!

Thanks for dropping by. Talk to you again soon - Linda


  1. The texture of your cushion is lovely! And Wow! The printing looks amazing

  2. Wow! Jamie did a marvelous job printing your sketchbook pages. I am looking forward to the show featuring your quilt. I too "watch" TV by listening. It makes re-runs listenable. :) I had struggled coming up with a design for a Kantha inspired cloth until this weekend at the thrift store. Hand painted bamboo humidor with excellent motifs! I will finish the cowl inspired by Laura's program first and then tackle the Kantha. Thanks so much for keeping my hands busy.

  3. The two cushions are lovely together. They look nice and I would like to touch them. In fact, I might wear a little hole in one jut running my fingers over it. Maybe I should keep my hands busy doing something else!!

  4. Love the cushion - really makes me want to have a go with the kantha technique :-)