Friday 31 May 2013

Adding to the collections

OK I call them collections - you may disagree and consider it all just more clutter. Every weekend at the flea market I seem to find something that's hard to resist. This week it was elephants.

This is one of the pair I bought to add to Laura's elephant collection but he seems quite at home on my mantlepiece. She may have to admire them when she visits!

I also found another sea urchin. Not a bad trick this far from the sea!

And a tall skinny green bottle to add to the others. What were they used for I wonder?

And a couple more wonky, green glass inkwells.

They all sit in this display cabinet. One of two we bought at auction months ago. Sorry about all the reflections - the cabinets are on a wall of the conservatory and in full sun. That's the main reason I'm keeping this collection to glass wood and china - none of which should suffer from the light.

There is stuff other than shopping for treasures going on. Here's a detail of the latest quilt I'm working on. The gold leaf shapes have been painted onto the fabric after it's been quilted. I'll be showing you the finished quilt in a week or two, fingers crossed!

Thanks for visiting - I'll be back again soon -  Linda


  1. I've really grown to liking the idea of painting some after quilting. Thank you for introducing me to the idea.

  2. Ooh yummy are all those finds! My poor old muttley just rolls his eyes when I walk in the door after op shopping. My fettish is hand turned rustic pottery...mainly jugs. It has become a bit of a joke around here...whenever a jug is needed there are exclamations of why the lady (!) of the house has no jugs!
    I love love love the colours of your latest quilt and can't wait to see it finished.