Wednesday 15 May 2013

Today's all about sketchbooks

I've been enjoying making time for my latest sketchbook work. I shouldn't really call it work because it is definitely more like play!

My room looks a total disaster but it is at least a creative chaos, unlike the rest of the house which is just everyday chaos.

This sketchbook is inspired by my garden and the latest studies are all of Ivy leaves.

I want the pages to be precious so the gold leaf had to come out! I've added a wash of red over the top to warm it up and knock the glitz back a bit.

I'm planning to go back to an old favourite when I've finished with the Ivy. Pretty as the Honesty is in flower..........

It's the papery seedheads I love - especially at this time of year when they show signs of what a tough winter we've had. They'll be a great subject for monoprinting I think!

I'd like to thank our Creative Sketchbook student Hannie for letting me show 3 of her sketchbook pages here today.

Great use of colour and lovely paint effects Hannie!

Pears are always a beautiful shape and this is a really vigorous drawing.

Thanks for dropping by - please come back soon!  Linda


  1. I love the work of Hannie and Janet. They must have very good teachers! I am looking at grape leaves at the moment. Autumn is here and the colours are delicious. Some are still a bit green but speckled with red and yellow...stunning!

  2. Hi Bonnie - I envy you your colourful grape leaves. We have a vine that is now established after quite a number of years but it's slow to get into leaf this year as it's been so cold. I noticed the buds are just starting to open this week but it'll be a while before I see that glorious colour you mention. All good things are worth waiting for aren't they?

  3. You are so right - I love the shape and the translucence of honesty and the glimpse of those shadowy seeds.
    I was in my sketchbook too today...there is something about spring that needs to be captured. It changes so fast!