Saturday 2 November 2013

One thing leads to another.......

My design wall is starting to look like an aviary.

The bird panels I've painted have been digitized, given decorative borders and text, and printed onto cotton fabric by Laura and Jamie.

Each of the designs has been printed in three different sizes so they'll be perfect as large cushions, mini cushions and pincushions too. I've also asked for them to be printed onto gorgeous velvet - can't wait to see how they look! Of  course if I was sensible and had any sense of restraint I'd make these up before doing any more painting. Needless to say, patience isn't one of my virtues so here's the next bird almost finished. This time it's a starling and he just needs one more session to add all his lovely iridescent pattern.

I had no idea when I started painting all the birds I see in my garden that it would lead to a fabric range at Fingerprint but I'm loving these and hope they'll be very popular. I've been bitten by the bug and just ordered masses more panels and some new brushes!

Looks like I might be busy painting and quilting cushions for the rest of the weekend. Hope yours is productive too.

Bye for now,


  1. How beautiful to look at your 'aviary' daily!!! Just beautiful...and the fabric Laura and Jamie printed turned out wonderful!

  2. absolutely beautiful and what a wonderful way to decorate your wall.

  3. Linda, your paintings are incredible and the resulting fabric panels stunning! You must be thrilled by how fabulous they look.

  4. Linda, you are very talented. Absolutely gorgeous.