Thursday 24 October 2013

And here's the next one!

The sun is out, the sky is blue and I've had a lovely few hours in my workroom this afternoon.

Painting this sparrow for the PenPal painting challenge recently gave me the bird painting bug!

So I've now finished a wren.....

And a chaffinch.........

A hungry blackbird.............

And I'm well on the way with this blue tit who just needs his final details to be added. Sorry about the reflection - as you can probably see, the paint is still wet on this one!

At least I can work with both hands - unlike Laura who has certain impediments to painting these days. Nothing stops her though, even when Amelie has to be in on the act!!

Thanks for dropping by again. Talk to you soon, Linda


  1. Thank you Caroline. I'm really pleased you like them!

  2. I adore your bird paintings. I wish we had Chaffinches. They have beautiful markings. Of course, none are as adorable as Miss Amelie!

  3. They are beautifull! Just a question, why don't you sign them? Especially now you are also going to sell them as prints on fabric, it would be nice to have your (small) signature on them...

  4. Good point Gerda - maybe we can add a signature to the next print run! Thanks for the idea.