Friday, 25 April 2014

Times they are a changing

We've gradually been reducing our student numbers over the last couple of years as other things take up an increasing amount of our time. We still offer two courses as self-guided learning but, as many of you know, after 14 years online we no longer offer City & Guilds' qualifications and the very last students will be finishing in the near future. We're sad in many ways but life moves on and there are new challenges to look forward to. Of course we'll miss seeing the wonderful work our students produce - like that of Jo who finished Creative Quiltmaking with us recently.

Jo's final assessment pieces effectively combined many of the techniques she sampled during the course to result in two lovely quilts. Many congratulations Jo - I hope you enjoyed your time with us!

So, with fewer and fewer students on the books, what you may ask are we doing with all our free time?

If I said we'd taken up juggling you'd probably think I was being flippant but that's exactly how it feels most days. We're currently keeping several balls in the air and doing our best not to drop a single one. Somehow I don't think we'll ever be idle or indeed bored. I did threaten retirement again the other day but the words were not received sympathetically! Good to be needed when others of a similar age are already out to grass isn't it?

Linda x


  1. These are beautiful quilts...

  2. There's no such thing as retirement nowadays Linda! Lovely quilts too.