Sunday 20 April 2014

Baking, a day out and a bit of sewing

My younger daughter took great pains to find me a present that matches the kitchen tiles beautifully

She tells me however that there's nothing more disappointing than opening a tin so clearly marked 'cake' to find it empty!

Knowing the family will all be together for an Easter egg hunt tomorrow, I've been baking all morning.

Hopefully the spiced raisin muffins, flapjacks and jam tarts will keep her happy!

Although we've been busy, it's not been all work lately. He who gardens and I did take Amelie for a visit to Attingham Park just over the border in Shropshire last week and this week we went to Hanbury Hall. She wasn't too impressed with the cultural side of things but she loved the chickens and bee hives in the walled garden.

The formal gardens are immaculate. We saw 2 volunteers walking around with hoes at the ready but I'd defy anyone to find a weed and how on earth do they clip those hedges so perfectly?

Inside the house the rooms are kept quite dark to preserve the treasures so it's hard to see the paintings as well as you may want to. Despite the gloom, these on the staircase are difficult to miss.

The strange brick and stone structure at the front of the house is of course a helpful step up when mounting your horse.

Sadly our transport back to the car park was more prosaic.

In between domestic chores and gadding about the countryside I have found time for a bit of stitching. Here's a detail of a Goldfinch panel I've made using bonded appliqué with free motion quilting. He'll appear alongside a Kingfisher in an upcoming DMTV video soon. Seems I can't get birds out of my system just yet! Some of you must love them too as I've already sold 4 of the 8 paintings I've made recently. Thank you so much for the compliment - it's lovely to know someone likes your work enough to want to live with it!

Talk to you soon - Linda x


  1. Your baking should keep the family happy! I love the birds that you stitch.Happy Easter.x

  2. What can I say? Well, lots actually! Like, when can I pop round for tea and cake, that I share your daughters sentiments and that your bird paintings are so beautiful, of course people want to share their lives with them.

  3. What a lovely post. Hanbury Hall is full of treasures and the cakes look delicious. As for the goldfinch - I've just read Donna Tartt's novel of that name and yours is a fine rival for the painting it is named for: really beautiful.

  4. Love Hanbury Hall. Did you see the ice house behind the Hall? They sell plants too, which is a nice memory to take away.

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