Thursday 17 July 2014

New on the design wall

I'm really enjoying working on some small scale pieces for a change. This is a digital print on cotton with free machine quilting, hand quilting and embroidery and digital embroidery. You can still pack a lot into a small space! It's bound and mounted onto a box canvas.

12" x 12" (30cm x 30cm).  £100. If you're interested just email.


  1. May I be honest? For me, this piece seems to have too much going on. The texture is indeed wonderful, but...the lettering (though beautiful) seems to be a bit 'over the top'...

  2. How do you attach pieces like this to a box canvas?

  3. Hi Margaret - originally I had no intention of including text in this piece but once the quilting was complete it needed another layer of interest. Only my opinion of course but the colour palette is so low key I think it can take all that I've thrown at it!

  4. LtW-WtL
    Because a piece like this will never be laundered I usually just glue it to the box canvas. A narrow bead of strong fabric glue placed near the outer edge of the canvas is all it takes to make a permanent bond. If the quilted panel were smaller than the canvas so there was a margin of naked canvas all around I would consider stitching it in place. You might also use velcro pads. Lots of options!