Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sustaining the troupes

If it's really true that an army marches on its stomach our troupes should be OK next week at Festival of Quilts.

I've been baking all day and if you've ever wondered what 84 bread rolls look like - pretty much like this! That should keep the wolf from the door while we're on the stand. It's a pity the biggest event of our year happens in August when the garden is producing so much stuff. I picked over 2 kilos of dwarf beans today and had to deal with them right away. Luckily I know of a Madhur Jaffrey recipe that freezes beautifully. Gujarati Style Green Beans is in her original cookbook from the BBC TV series back in the eighties. It's absolutely delicious so I recommend you seek it out if you have a glut to deal with as I do every summer.

While the bread was doing its thing of course there's no need to watch it every moment so I was bobbing back and forth to my workroom. As queen of the last minute I did manage to finish quilting this miniature version of my quilt, "The Messenger'. I've free motion quilted it on my favourite Husqvarna Mega Quilter machine using Madeira rayon threads and then mounted it on a canvas panel so it can be displayed on the stand at Festival. Only a couple of days to go now and still so much to do - I'm trying not to panic!!!!!

Hope to see lots of you there - Linda


  1. Wonderful! And the bread does look so good!!!!

  2. Thanks for linking Madhur Jaffrey and green beans - I have both so perfect. xx