Sunday 9 November 2014

New dress, bread and chilli overload

We've been spoilt by the lovely weather this autumn but yesterday was not a good day for the great outdoors. It was dark, wet and dismal but just perfect for spending time in the studio. Don't you love being inside, warm and cosy while the rain beats against the windows? I have several projects all needing my attention but most of them are quite major, requiring the brain to be engaged. I wanted something mindless that I could finish in a couple of hours. I've had this dress pattern for quite a while without getting round to making it up.

It turns out it's the quickest thing I've ever made - took about an hour to put together as there are only 3 pattern pieces and one of those is just a tiny back neck facing!

The pattern is cut very cleverly with no side seams - the front piece wraps round to be joined at the back. The upper back bodice is sewn on at the waist and shoulders and apart from turning hems it's done! Wish I could say it was a total success but sadly it doesn't fit!! Either drastic surgery is required or it will be a surprise present for my youngest daughter. That'll teach me to ignore the small print about this design only being suitable for two way stretch. In my wisdom I'd thought this firm jersey would be less clinging - important lesson learnt!

Onwards and upwards I say. At least the bread turned out OK. I've made two big bloomers ( if you'll pardon the expression bearing in mind the dress wouldn't go round my rear end!) using Bertinet's fantastic olive dough recipe and two 8 grain boules - that'll keep us going for the week even if it doesn't do much for the diet!

Now to tackle the chilli mountain. I've dried them, frozen them, pickled them in brine - we're having them in every meal except breakfast!

He who gardens has no idea about moderation!

Hope you all had a good weekend - talk again soon,
Love Linda


  1. What a beautiful dress, lovely print

  2. What a shame about the dress; the bread, however, looks as tasty as ever. And with regard to your chilli mountain - I am enjoying a tasty cheese and chilli loaf!!

  3. I hope you try the pattern again with a suitable fabric because that dress is YOU!