Thursday 6 November 2014

New issue of the mag!

I know I promised to show how the latest crow quilt is progressing. Well, as it happens, not particularly well......

It's not that I've fallen out of love with it - just other things have had to take precedence.

Here's the main culprit. DMTV viewers will recognise the quilt I've been designing and making over the last three weeks. I must admit I've loved working with such a gorgeous colour palette and the PowerQuilter has made the quilting a delight.

I'm quilting with Madeira Aerofil threads to contour the printed, metallic text and 'draw' detail out of the border and into the main body of the quilt. I'll show the finished piece very soon. If you're interested in seeing more of my recent work, I've also added a few of my pincushions to the 'Small Works for Sale' page. They might be just the gift you need for a special friend!

Life has been really hectic chez Kemshall lately. What's new I hear you ask! Well it hasn't all been about recording videos for DMTV, the big news is the latest issue of Through Our Hands - the Magazine is out and you can read it here now!

The magazine has occupied most of Laura and Annabel's time for weeks leaving me free to entertain the precious one. Don't you wish you had so few inhibitions? Who wouldn't want to dive into an enormous heap of autumn leaves like that?

She is in there somewhere I promise! Probably not a great idea to be wearing a white jacket!

I hope you'll take time to have a look at the magazine and pass the link onto all of your creative friends. If you'd like to keep a copy on your computer or be able to print it out you can buy a pdf download for only £3.

Thanks for dropping by. It's often lonely in blogland so I appreciate your company and your comments!
Love Linda


  1. Magazine is great (again!) the quilting you're doing on the 'inspired by' piece!

  2. I am so glad I downloaded a copy to look at offline. What great articles. I'm maybe 1/4 way through.
    I read to blog every post and love it. I usually don't comment because I want to appear to be a stalker (smile) but I love your and Laura's (and Annabel's) work. We have a love of corvids in common too!! Enjoy the fall.

  3. I'm like Beth, trying no to be a gushy, stalkeresque, fangirl (I'd probably get all giggly and ask for your autograph in real life). But we are out here, reading avidly. I blame blog reader apps which can make it difficult to comment.

  4. I've been following Laura's blog for a while now & have recently signed up to DMTV where I just heard you mention your bog - so here I am. I love your work and I'm finding DMTV is giving me so many ideas. Thank you