Monday 19 January 2015

Quilt progress

The last couple of posts have been all about sketchbooks and painting so I thought I'd let you see there is quilting going on as well!

I've finished the small version of 'To The Brim'. I free motion quilted this on my Husqvarna quilting machine and embellished it with a few hand stitches using Madeira Lana thread.

Most of the patterns are inspired by the work of Paul Klee.

His painting 'Ad Marginem' includes stylised bird images and I've put a couple in too but it wouldn't be my work without a crow would it? I've just outline stitched this one so he's hard to spot unless you look really closely. Now I've got to tackle version 2 which is a much larger piece.

Before I do that though I thought I'd better finish this quilt first. It somehow got buried under piles of other stuff and was almost forgotten. Sorry about the photo - as you can tell it is extremely sunny in my workroom today. You can see how fantastic the Pfaff PowerQuilter is though can't you? Well maybe you can't since the quilt covers all that enormous table surface which supports the work as you quilt. This is the biggest piece I've done on it until now and I have to say it's a treat to stitch!

Yesterday I quilted the crow's head - it was important to get that right if I was going to be happy with the finished quilt. He looks quite benign I think. I love being in my workroom with the iPod on shuffle and the sewing machine whirring away - a few more enjoyable hours and this will be done!

Thanks for dropping by - talk soon, Linda x


  1. Wonderful crows !!!!!!!! (both of them)

  2. I love the crows! The Pfaff machine looks so very tempting. Wishing you more sunny days in the studio. It was sunny and warmish here for the first time in weeks. I was amazed at how quickly my mood and energy level increased, just from a bit of sunshine.

  3. Thank you Els - glad you like them!

  4. Hi Jeannie, I couldn't agree with you more - my energy levels are twice what they were during the gloomy dark days we've had recently. Unfortunately today's brilliant sunshine is forecast to turn to snow tomorrow. Let's hope it won't come to much!