Thursday 22 January 2015

Some Day I'll Fly Away

Don't think I've mentioned it before but this piece has a name. I find it difficult to make a quilt unless I've already come up with a title. Not sure why that should be but I'm never happy with an anonymous piece. I've printed the name around the bottom of the quilt using Liquitex acrylic paints in just two colours - crimson and blue, applied with my favourite foam alphabet stamps.

Forgive the wobbly bottom - it's just the way it's pinned on the wall. As usual, there are loads of other quilt tops in archaeological layers underneath!

The words give some visual weight to frame the crow and they also interrupt the angular quilting which to be honest is getting quite monotonous now - I'm going to break it up with some seed stitch, worked by hand with Madeira Lana I think. It'll be a change of activity anyway and I like a bit of hand stitch for evenings in front of the fire.

I shouldn't complain about the time the quilting is taking - I could have a proper job couldn't I?

Back soon - Love Linda x


  1. At least your archaeological layers are quilt tops, mine is the bundles of fabric ready to make the tops.

  2. Oh I have plenty of those too Chyfey!

  3. Oh, my dear tutor, your job is definitely "proper"! Love the writing you do on your pieces, but confess I'm not always entirely enamoured with very dense quilting. I've had judges complain that I "don't quilt enough". Do you think this is at trend, or should I indeed be quilting densely (even if I don't think the piece calls for it.)?

  4. Hi Margaret - I think you should do exactly what you feel is right for each piece. I am never interested in trends and simply do what I think each quilt needs to be complete. I do favour lots of quilting though for several reasons. In visual terms, dense quilting in the background throws the main features into relief as it flattens the area around them. It's also an opportunity to modify colour - the more thread involved the more it changes the overall effect. I also think the quilting is what 'refines' a quilt and stops it looking baggy, to say nothing about how substantial it makes it feel. Don't start me off - I could write a book on this given half a chance!