Sunday 8 March 2015

Inspired by DMTV

I've had lots of lovely emails about the Talisman project Laura and I are working on. We're so pleased to hear that people are intrigued by the idea behind the work. The world we live in is so difficult and depressing right now that we think everyone needs a little magic to keep them safe and happy. We are printing our own messages and placing one in each Talisman pocket but if you have a quote or phrase you'd like us to include do please get in touch. No one except Laura and I will ever get to read your message as we plan to print, fold and then seal the papers before secreting them - only you will know what you've wished for! We'd like the messages or quotes to be uplifting - let's create a positive force!

In my last post I promised to share pictures of Anita's serendipity paintings so here they are;

Looks like Anita had a lot of fun with this loosening up exercise! Mondrian meets Pollock!

If you're scared of a blank sheet of paper there's no better way to lose the white! Of course you could be forgiven for asking what next? Where can such an exercise lead you? Well, it's a great lesson in composition and in colour theory and Laura's been binding them into her hand made books but the designs could also be translated into fabric and thread using a variety of techniques. I've stolen a couple of the examples Laura demonstrated in the video for DMTV.

They're just small isolated areas of the large sheets of paper she painted.

These could become reverse appliqué pieces by cutting narrow channels through a layer of white fabric to reveal lovely hand dyed fabrics underneath. I'd finish all the stitching first and then spray with fabric paint before cutting back to the colourful layer below.  Having planned all that in my mind I'll probably take an easier route and have them digitally printed! After spending months making my last quilt I think I deserve a quick fix and a generous dollop of instant gratification!

Talk to you soon, Linda x

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