Tuesday 17 March 2015

Talisman progress, fascinating book and Poldark's growing on me!

What did you think about episode 2? I enjoyed it much more than the first one although I'm not sure about some of the casting. George isn't repulsive enough is he? If you're a fan of the book and of the first TV series you'll probably feel like I do that he should be bull necked and more solidly built!

On a completely different subject, can I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has sent messages to be included in our Talisman project?

As you can see the numbers are growing. That's just over half of what's planned for the installation but I've run out of pins to show more. I think they'll look quite effective when displayed properly en masse.

Saturday's regular mooch round the antique shops turned up trumps this week. I was searching for books to alter but having started to read this £2 purchase I think it's too good to change.

There are wonderful little hints about padding the dressmaking form out to fit - we're going to need a lot of cotton wool!

This edition was written in 1942 when wartime shortages meant recycling was a necessity rather than a lifestyle choice. I remember my younger brother wearing something similar to this as a baby but I'm not so sure a romper suit made from an old shirt would go down so well today when designer labels are the norm even for little ones.

We've been making good use of the newly renovated pavilion this last couple of weeks. The white walls are great for photographing quilts.

And there's plenty of room for recording videos for DMTV too. Here's a smiley Laura getting ready for the video that'll go live on Thursday. It's a luxury to be able to leave everything spread out for the next recording session but we'll be tidying up before the first students arrive next week!

Thanks for dropping by. Love Linda x


  1. Hi Linda, When hanging a quilt temporarily, for instance for photography, how do you attach it to the wall?

  2. being able to see the quilts up on a wall gives a much better perspective and these look amazing. As do the talismans. I hope you might do a DMTV episode about how to make these in the future.

  3. Hi Ellen, The walls in the pavilion have cork boards so students can pin stuff up as they work. The cork makes it really easy to pin the quilts through the hidden sleeve so nothing shows at the front. Hope that answers your question!

  4. Hi Liza, Glad you like the work! Lots of people have asked for more info about the talisman pockets so we might make a video to coincide with the upcoming exhibition. We don't really want to give too much away before then as it might stop folk visiting the gallery!

  5. A young Warren Clarke for George? Don't you find it a little spooky watching him knowing how recently he died?

  6. I'm in awe of you both, you're so clever! Good luck with the Wooden House, looks really wonderful x